July 31, 2021

Jackie Chan responds to his followers about alleged contagion with coronavirus

Jackie Chan denied rumors about his health related to the new coronavirus. Photo: Instagram / Jackie Chan

The actor Jackie Chan used his account Instagram to disprove rumors about his state of health related to the new coronavirus that has spread to 76 countries and territories and that has left, until this March 3, 2020, 90,914 infected and a total of 3,116 people died.

On February 27, the actor wrote: “Thank you for everyone’s concern! I am safe and sound, and very healthy. Don’t worry, I’m not in quarantine. I hope everyone stays safe and healthy too! ”

The publication of the actor born in Hong Kong As of March 3, it reached more than 790,000 likes and more than 12,000 comments.

In social networks and mainly in Asian media, it was ensured that Chan had infected of the disease, and that he was even in quarantine, in a fiesta in which were several elements of the policeman from Hong Kong, who were placed in isolation by the covid-19.

However, the Today Online site said that the actor, famous for starring in martial arts films, was not even at this party and was at another event.

According to the media, there was a double intention in the disclosure of false information: trying to show that Chan, Eric Tsang, Alam Tam and others actors recognized Hong Kong, favored the policeman in the protests that broke out on the island in recent months.

The truth is that the celebration of the officers, says the media, was carried out in a restaurant of seafood in the Western District, about half an hour from the Yau Yat Chuen Garden City Club in Kowloon, where Jackie Chan and his friends.