July 24, 2021

Oscar Isaac will be Moon Knight, Marvel has already confirmed

Moon Knight #5 // Marvel Comics | Daniel Boczarski // GettyImages

Of all the Marvel Cinematic Universe series confirmed for Disney +, the most mysterious so far is Moon Knight.

moon knight marvel comics 2
Moon Knight #4 // Marvel Comics

It is not known who or who the villains will be, their location within the MCU’s timeline or some other important aspect of the plot, but without much noise they are slowly building a very promising project.

After months of rumors of possible candidates, and even some people assuring that the project died before seeing the light, the official Marvel Studios account confirmed with a publication that Oscar Issac is the one chosen to play Moon Knight.

The series was announced on D23 in 2019, and since that time there had been no further news about its production, leaving the way for speculation.

Just days after the premiere of Loki, Marvel Studios made their move and introduced the actor who will play one of the characters, who if his series is successful enough, could become a vital part of the MCU.

oscar isaac 2019
Richard Harbaugh – Handout/A.M.P.A.S. via Getty Images

As will happen with Ms. Marvel or She-Hulk, it is almost a given that the series will explore Marc Spector’s origins as a superhero, possibly with radical changes from how he was seen in the comics.

Filming on the series began in Budapest in early 2021, and some rumors indicate that Ethan Hawke will play the villain.

ethan hawke actor de hollywood
Jerod Harris // GettyImages

Moon Knight’s nature is very different from the lighthearted heroes we’ve had so far in the MCU, so his series is expected to be the most violent and perhaps even darkest in the franchise.

The photograph that was published by Marvel Studios shows several Moon Knight illustrations behind Oscar Issac’s back, and although they do not give a clear clue about the plot, it confirms that we will see the rougher side of the hero.

oscar isaac
Getty Images

What influence will Moon Knight have on the MCU?

In 2019, Kevin Feige, the creative mind behind the MCU, stated that Moon Knight will have great importance in the future phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so his presence will not be limited to his Disney + series.

One of Moon Knight’s main villains is Taskmaster, who will face Natasha Romanov in the Black Widow movie.

If the villain does survive his confrontation with the former Russian spy, we may later see him as a powerful foe for Marc Spector.

Taskmaster’s ability to copy his opponents’ attacks would not be very useful against Moon Knight, one of Marvel’s most skilled fighters, as in the comics he is able to change his fighting style to confuse the villain’s ability.

taskmaster contra moon knight marvel comics
Moon Knight #4 // Marvel Comics

Moon Knight isn’t a mainstream villain, so we don’t see him working under Nick Fury or SWORD, but he has shown that he performs well within a team.

What do you think Moon Knight is about? Would you like to see him alongside the new Avengers? Give your opinion in the comments.

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