July 27, 2021

Six senses – 04/07/2021 – EL PAÍS Uruguay

THE TASTE — They prepare laboratory chicken in front of the diners

An Israeli restaurant near Tel Aviv serves laboratory-made chicken, presented as an organic product that can meet growing demand for food.

El Pollo restaurant serves hamburgers in an original setting since, on the other side of the elegant room with filtered light, diners see, through large windows, the laboratory where technicians work behind large stainless steel tanks. “It is the first time in the world that you can taste laboratory-grown meat while observing its process.” Source: AFP.

LA VISTA — David Bowie’s painting surprises at auction

A painting by British singer David Bowie, originally bought for the equivalent of $ 4 per individual at a charity shop, sold for more than $ 87,600 at an online auction, a Canadian auction house said Friday. It is a 20x25cm painting that represents a profile portrait with missing lines on a red and blue background and was actively bidding on 12 applicants, according to Rob Cowley, president of the Toronto-based auction house Cowley Abbott. Source: AFP

THE EAR — Music Helps Cope with the Pandemic

Several studies support the psychological benefits of either listening to or playing music. The most recent was carried out by an international team that interviewed more than 5,000 people through an online questionnaire. “Music was a universal tool for obtaining goals related to well-being” during the pandemic, said one of the team members, Pastora Martínez Castilla, who added that “it was the most effective activity for three out of five points: enjoy , release of negative emotions and connection with oneself ”. Source: SINC.

SMELL — Dogs detect contagions through sweat

In Ecuador, canine training work is carried out that allows quadrupeds to detect who is infected with coronavirus after smelling the sweat of potential patients. 15 dogs (golden retrievers, German and Belgian shepherds) are formed by sniffing cotton balls impregnated with the sweat of already infected. That means that they can then give confirmation signals when they smell the sweat of people who may be infected. “The dog is never wrong. When he identifies a scent, he never fails, ”said the training leader. Source: Week.

THE TOUCH – Sell wine by touching the label

Being able to touch something, and that the sensation that it causes is pleasant, is another of the possibilities to which marketing appeals. In Spain, the wine industry knows that bottle labels are essential. In a supermarket, for example, it can be a deciding factor for a potential buyer. And the visual appeal is no longer enough. According to experts, the trend is that these are also pleasant to the touch. For this reason, the labels begin to have velvet textures, or wood sheets. Everything to stimulate the purchase. Source: Tecnovino.

THE INSTINCT — Surviving being on the cusp of Hollywood

Sharon Stone (63) no longer cares about being politically correct in an interview. This time, the actress created a stir because of what she said about one of Hollywood’s biggest and most protected stars: Meryl Streep. The protagonist of Low Instincts stated that Streep is a wonderful woman and actress, but “honestly, there are others as talented as her.” Stone assured that there are figures “as big as Streep.” And he mentioned Viola Davis, Kate Winslet, Emma Thompson, Judy Davis and Olivia Colman, even though people don’t value them properly. Source: La Vanguardia.