August 4, 2021

The incredible story of Gloria Grahame: the Hollywood diva who did not die in Liverpool | Celebrities, Vips

“Love. Just like in the movies ”. The advertising slogan that appears on the first poster of the film Film Stars Don´t Die in Liverpool (Movie stars don’t die in Liverpool) leaves no room for confusion. What is told, or aspired to tell, is what we would define here as “a film romance.” It has all the classic ingredients of pastiche to keep us motionless in front of the screen: the international celebrity and the provincial anonymous, the old woman and the young man, a fatal disease … Like so many other times in fiction, Gloria Grahame starred in a story in the 70s that broke taboos, now being recovered by director Paul McGuigan. Another contemporary diva like Annette Bening plays the Oscar winner for Captives of evil And, according to the critics, this role may finally give him the statuette that he resists so much. If you thought Bette Davis and Joan Crawford were the only black and white muses to ever shine on screen again, read on.

Gloria Grahame and her interpreter in fiction, Annette Bening. Photo: Agencies

Grahame’s was a career as relevant as it is forgotten today. Golden Hollywood diva fatal Woman par excellence and muse, among others, of the filmmaker Nicholas Ray (Rebel without a cause), who was also her husband. One of four who put a ring on his finger, the last being his own stepson, Anthony Ray. His magnetism was summed up like no one else by the character played by Humphrey Bogart, a castmate in In a lonely place: “I was born when she kissed me, I died the day she left me and I lived as long as she loved me.” The actress built a career in response to Marilyn’s naivety And, like so many others before and after, she was prematurely retired by the sexist dictatorship that continues to rule the film mecca. His last professional stage was spent on stage, halfway between Los Angeles (where his four children resided) and London. There he had as a neighbor a medium-haired actor, who at twenty-seven years of age could not succeed. “His movements were rhythmic and slippery. His distinctive voice and familiar face. She was not wearing expensive clothes, just her usual T-shirt and jeans. I was captivated. I was dazzled by his style “Pete Turner, the neighbor, wrote in the biography that gives the film its name.

Gloria Grahame

Gloria Grahame and Humphrey Bogart, starring couple of ‘In a lonely place’. Photo: Getty

It was 1979 and the almost three decades of difference between the two were not an obstacle for the unlikely couple, the Hollywood star and the Liverpool amateur, to remain as such. Her “Glo” discovered the benefits and luxuries of the great cities of the United States until one day, without prior notice, she cut off all contact. After several months in which the aspiring actor rebuilt his life, the interpreter called him again to confess that the reason for the breakup was a major illness. He didn’t want to be a burden. She suffered from breast cancer with metastases to her stomach that a negligent doctor had made worse by causing an infection while trying to remove fluid from her body. Grahame ignored medical advice and refused any treatment. He preferred to spend his last days elsewhere.

Gloria Grahame

Gloria Grahame, in an image from 1955. Photo: Cordon Press

Turner answered the call for help. He picked her up from the hotel where she was residing while she was rehearsing her latest play in London. He returned with her to Liverpool, his hometown, where he and his family took care of the care. But as the title announces, this is not the ideal place to bury a movie star. The one who would be her last known love told her children to take her back to the United States. Just three hours after the airliner carrying the actress landed at New York’s JFK airport, Gloria Grahame passed away. Just like in the movies.

Gloria Grahame

Annette Bening and Jamie Bell play Grahame and Turner in the Paul McGuigan film. Foto: Lionsgate

Annette Bening now plays the black and white diva in Paul McGuigan’s film (The Slevin case) that was just presented at the Telluride festival. Critics have unanimously praised his work and the chemistry that he gives off in the scenes with Jamie Bell, who plays Pete Turner. “Bening could – and should – be in the pools for his fifth Oscar nomination. Bell has never been better since Billy Elliot will launch his career in 2000, “he says Deadline. The Hollywood Reporter states that “of course there are prize possibilities for both. The biggest obstacle the film faces is that very few people today remember Gloria Grahame. ” For us, let it not remain.

Gloria Grahame

Poster for the movie ‘Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool’. Foto: Lionsgate