August 4, 2021

Who’s who in Bryan Cranston’s new series? – Your Honor – Spoiler Time

From the hand of Paramount+ many highly anticipated series arrived, such as Your Honor, a legal drama that brings back to the small screen Bryan Cranston, this time playing a very noble judge in New Orleans that he will leave everything to defend his son.

Then, we tell you who is who in this series, which is an adaptation of the Israeli show Quota.

1 Michael Desiato

Michael Desiato is a personality loved by many in New Orleans: he is one of the few judges who really have consideration for those they judge, always trying to get to the truth and avoiding the injustices of a very unequal system. However, when your own child commits a crime, Michael he will put all his nobility aside to defend it.

Source: Showtime

2 Adam Desiato

Adam He is an introverted and sensitive boy. After the loss of his mother (victim of violence in the streets of New Orleans) has had some difficulty getting over it. In the middle of an asthma attack, he has a car accident in which a young man ends up dead. Terrified, Adam he goes on the run and, from there, the lives of Desiato it will turn into chaos.

Source: Showtime

3 Jimmy Baxter

Interpreted by Micahel Stuhlbarg, Jimmy Baxter is one of the most feared and best-connected criminals in New Orleans. When your son Rocco is run over and abandoned in the middle of the street, is not afraid to turn the streets of the city into hell to find the person in charge.

Source: Showtime

4 Gina Baxter

Few things worse for a mother than losing a child, right? The wife of Jimmy Baxter, this feared criminal, will be the engine of this man to get justice for Rocco.

Source: Showtime

5 Lee Delamer

This very intelligent lawyer, who was once the protégé of Michael Desiato, will always be on the verge of discovering the truth without realizing it, although many times the affection he feels for Michael it will blind her.

Source: Showtime

6 Charlie Figaro

This politician, a great friend of Michael, will be the one who gives the family the first help Desiato in order to protect yourself from the crime of Adam, as Charlie has connections with everyone and is able to move invisible pieces in New Orleans.

Source: Showtime

7 Frannie Latimer

Frannie is the photography teacher of Adam Desiato, with whom, in addition, he maintains a romantic bond. You will be one of the first to realize that something is wrong with Adam and will try to reach him by all means.

Source: Showtime

8 Nancy Costello

Interpreted by Amy Landecker, This detective of the city police forces will be in charge of the case of the accident that caused the death of Roco Baxter and, many times, their trust in Michael it will not allow you to see obvious things.

Source: Showtime