August 5, 2021

‘A place to dream’ and 6 other Netflix series to get hooked on a love story – News of series

This Friday the third season of the town of Virgin River opens on Netflix.

Season 3 of A place to dream it’s right around the corner on Netflix. On July 9 we will meet again with Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) and Jack (Joe Henderson) and we will find out, finally, the effects of the end of the previous season. There are ten new episodes that will delight fans of the inhabitants of Virgin River. The bad news is that they arrive in one sitting and, in all likelihood, you will devour them before the weekend is over.

But Netflix gives you the solution. The streaming platform has other love stories in its catalog that will hook you in the same way that fiction has. Charming towns, couples that fit together perfectly, love affairs … If you are willing to be carried away by another series full of love ups and downs, take a look at this list.

Emily in Paris

If what you liked was how the protagonist changes her life in a place she had never imagined, maybe you should try Emily in Paris. This time around, the idyllic town of Virgin River is swapped for cosmopolitan Paris and Emily, instead of working as a midwife and nurse, is a marketing executive. Come on, everything is much more technological and urban, but continues to hook through the change of life of the protagonist and her love affairs.

In the series starring Lily Collins there are also love interests, relationships, close friendships and discoveries about the different characters. Its first season premiered in October 2020 and has already been renewed for a second installment.

Sweet magnolias

There are series with which a cozy feeling invades you and you don’t really know why. Sweet magnolias It is one of those fictions in which its protagonist decides to jump into the void to fulfill his dream and, without realizing it, you end up celebrating his victories as much as if they were yours.

The Netflix series tells the story of Maddie, a woman who just got divorced and is a bit lost. Her two best friends have the solution to her problems: setting up a spa together. Each one will be in charge of managing a department and, between the three, they will carry it out.

Love and anarchy

Not all romantic comedies are going to come from America. If you want to escape the typical situations and see an original love story, try the Swedish one Love and anarchy. It arrived on the platform in 2020 without making too much noise, but if you like romantic comedies and are looking for one that is out of the ordinary, you cannot stop watching it.

Love and anarchy is the story of Sofie, a consultant who comes to a small publishing house to update it. There he meets Max, a computer scientist with whom he will develop a beautiful relationship. In addition to following their romance, the series is a portrait of current publishers.

100 days to fall in love

100 days to fall in love It is based on the Argentine novel 100 days to fall in love and it was released in the United States by Telemundo. That is, if you like soap operas, perhaps you should not miss this 2020 title that renews the genre by integrating current issues, such as bullying, different types of family or homosexuality.

The protagonists are Remedios and Constanza, two women who decide to end their marriage after 20 years. The two live different situations. While the former separates from her husband to meet an old love affair, the latter is given a 100-day trial. After that time, both will have to decide if they continue together or not.

Occasional love

Half-hour chapters, two seasons and Paris as a backdrop. If these ingredients convince you, you should give Occasional loveHeart plan in French-. It is a French comedy for Netflix that talks about friendship, the crisis of 30 and love. One of those conventional fictions to see if you don’t feel like thinking about anything.

Elsa is about to turn thirty. She has a job where she is not happy and she still has feelings for her ex-boyfriend – and they left him two years ago. Her friends get going and prepare a plan for her to regain her self-esteem: they hire an escort.

Chesapeake Stories

Warning: this series is not for everyone, only if you are open to a great pastry and you are not ashamed to say so. Chesapeake Stories takes us to one of those small coastal towns where life is quiet, nobody runs, people are happy and families, although they argue, are full of love. Do you already have an idea? The center of the story is the relationship between Abby O’Brien Winters and Trace Riley, who as you can imagine will experience many setbacks before being together.

Behind the fiction is the Hallmark Channel, a studio specializing in, say, tabletop movies and series. With this series they take us to a heavenly town to imagine what it would be like to live a dream story. As we say, not suitable for all audiences.