August 5, 2021

Jason Sudeikis dedicates his award to Olivia Wilde at the Critics Choice Awards

The life of Jason Sudeikis going through a very special moment and to a certain extent bittersweet. And it is the one that the actor has become one of the absolute winners of the awards season thanks to the series Ted Lasso of which he is the protagonist. However, his name has also made headlines due to what happens inside his personal life, as it has been well known, his marriage to Olvia Wilde, with whom she has two children, has ended and in fact she has already started a new relationship with the singer Harry Styles, a situation that occurs in the middle of the most important moment of Sudeikis’ career. Despite all this, the actor is aware that nothing of what he is harvesting today would have been achieved without the help of the mother of his children, so in the recent delivery of the Critics Choice Awards Jason has not hesitated to dedicate some emotional words to the mother of his children, during his acceptance speech for the Best Actor in a Comedy award, which he took home thanks to his performance in the sports sitcom in which he stars.



Dressed in a blue sweatshirt and a very casual look, as he did during the last Golden Globes, Jason accepted his award from the living room of his house, where he was very surprised to have been chosen as the winner of the category in which they were also nominated Hank Azaria, Matt Berry, Nicholas Hoult, Eugene Levy Y Ramy Youssef. During his speech, the actor showed a huge smile on his face and did not hesitate to mention his ex, making clear all the admiration he has for her and how important it was for the creation of the series that he has today in top of the world. “I want to thank my children, Otis and Daisy. I want to thank his mother, Olivia, who had the initial idea to do this as a series saying, ‘You, Brendan (Hunt) and Joe (Kelly) love doing that so much that they should do it as a movie or series.’ He was right“said the 45-year-old artist, making it clear that the relationship with the actress and director is cordial.

Of course Olivia Wilde was not left with the desire to recognize the work of her children’s father, as well as the entire Ted Lasso production team and through social networks she reacted to the dedication of her ex with great emotion. “Congratulations to Jason and the entire family of Ted Lasso for his Critics Choice victories. I am really happy for you guys. I hope this means that we will all continue to wear sweatshirts when the ceremonies are face-to-face next year.“shared the actress remembered for her participation in the series House, alluding to the look that Sudeikis has made popular during the last awards galas, even achieving that the sweatshirt with which she appeared at the Golden Globes last week was sold out in a matter of minutes.


It is believed that Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde, with whom he had been since 2011, separated in early 2020, however, they did not make their separation public until November of that same year. In fact, in that same month, the actors were seen walking the streets of Los Angeles and even sharing some hugs.

Some exes very well matched

After Olvia Wilde and Harry Styles were caught together for the first time and it became known that the actress had even moved into the former One Direction member’s house, there was speculation about the feelings of Jason Sudeikis, who possibly did not He would have taken in the best way the fact that the mother of his children already lived in the singer’s house. However, the messages that both have publicly dedicated seem to show that there will always be a good relationship between them, always thinking about the well-being of their children, and professional admiration.

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