July 28, 2021

Jennifer Lopez with baggy chinos that fit the best

We know that achieving a comfortable and elegant sports look at the same time is not an easy task, and even more so in summer with temperatures rising non-stop. One of the garments that we use the most when we want to achieve this result are chinos.

Due to their fabric, their design and their shape, they are very useful pants but sometimes they do not end up being too flattering since they tend to highlight the hips area a lot. But this summer this type of pants is undergoing a transformation and in most ‘low cost’ stores we can already see chinos in baggy key.

That is precisely what Jennifer Lopez has chosen for her last walk with her new partner (well, not so new because if we remember the love story between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, this already comes from afar).

Almost as if they had agreed, both have chosen a ‘sporty’ style in beige and off-white tones. Specifically, JLo has shown us that the chinos that best fit curvy women are baggy designs like hers.

He has combined it with a long-sleeved fine knit sweater in an off-white color and with a pair of white sneakers of which we all have a pair (at least) in the shoe rack. We cannot like the result more and we see it perfect to take it both in the city and on vacation at the beach.

Jennifer Lopez y Ben Affleck.


If the singer has also created a need for you, know that we have several models available at Zara and on sale to achieve a similar result for only 12.99 euros each. You choose the style and the way to combine it, because in addition to sneakers, we also imagine them with a pair of flat shovel-type sandals or espadrilles.

Pantalón cropped wide leg de Zara.


Zara poplin paperbag pants.


And at the top? Well, from a crop top shirt, a lace top or an openwork knit top … The options are as many as you can imagine.

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