July 28, 2021

Katherine Heigl, America’s disgraced bride

To be Katherine Heigl in theory it should be easy. He has talent, a spectacular physique, the public knows his face and he has one of those huge smiles that illuminate the cloudiest day. But her habit of badmouthing her projects once they were finished earned her a reputation as an ungrateful and complicated actress, and while other stars survive similar reputations, she doesn’t lift her head. The public does not want to know anything about her.

This article could have been written in 2015 when the American channel NBC decided to cancel State of affairs, a terrorism thriller where she was the absolute star, and that lasted only one season. But no, the excuse is another. This February he premiered a legal drama called Doubt in the United States … and the CBS channel has decided to withdraw it from its programming after airing just two episodes.

The CBS channel has decided to withdraw its new series after broadcasting two episodes “

Managers have not been patient. Critics approved of this legal drama about Sadie (Heigl), a lawyer who is attracted to a client accused of murder, but viewers were rare. The four million of last Wednesday, who did not stand out in the demographics either, were reason enough to deprogram the series that also featured Laverne Cox, the first transgender actress to have a regular role in an open series.

Doubt was interpreted as a litmus test to understand the attractiveness of Heigl, who abandoned Grey’s Anatomy to gain a foothold in the cinema and then had to return to the middle with his tail between his legs. She may have been America’s girlfriend for a short time (2005-2009) but now there’s not much interest to track her down.

Katherine Heigl on Grey’s Anatomy in 2006.


The 38-year-old actress’ problem is her off-color interviews. For example, his disagreements with Shonda Rhimes, the influential creator of Grey’s Anatomy, began when he uncovered on a Golden Globes red carpet that actor Isaiah Washington (Dr. Burke) was insulting TR Knight (O’Malley) for being gay. Rhimes, an advocate for diversity and minorities, had no choice but to fire Washington.

While this act could be described almost as heroic, the idea of ​​having the dirty laundry aired was not to Shonda’s liking. Nor was he thrilled that, after winning the Emmy as the doctor Izzie Stevens In 2007, she decided not to be a candidate in the next edition of the awards because she considered that the scriptwriters had not given her good material.

This inability to keep his mouth shut was not isolated. He proved he could be a movie star with an Embarrassing Mess under Judd Apatow in 2007 and twelve months later he was already saying in a Vanity Fair interview that the film was “a little bit sexist.” Actor Seth Rogen and the rest of the team felt betrayed.

“I respect the fact that he may have realized that it has hurt his career, and I don’t want it to happen to him because I’ve said a thousand stupid things too and because I really like him,” Rogen said last year of the old controversy.

Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogen in 'Embarrassing Mess'.

Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogen in ‘Embarrassing Mess’.

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And, when Shonda Rhimes adapted the shoot so that Heigl could make movies (and thus not lose it) and start a family (she already has three children), the Connecticut actress thought it was a good idea to complain about the length of work days in Grey’s Anatomy. Since then, Rhimes openly says that in his series he cannot stand “Unbearable people”, in clear reference to Heigl.

Another incomprehensible fact in the industry is that the former princess of romantic comedies like 27 dresses charged 12 million dollars for The harsh reality and the failed Killers and in February 2014 he was asking for money online. “We are trying to get money to finish the film, and we need your help,” he said in the video where he said he needed 150,000 to finish Jenny’s Wedding (which, by the way, was a commercial disaster).

The creator of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ said she no longer works with “unbearable people”

Among his outbursts, box office failures and that Hollywood is rumored to be his mother Nancy, who leads his career, is a real nightmare on the set, Katherine Heigl had to return to the environment she had despised. The problem? That her star aura has faded and, what is worse, everyone in Hollywood was dying to see her crashing into programming.

After the second television failure in a row as an all-time leading man, Heigl leaves the first division. Now is the moment of truth and to see if she is ready to take on a role in a more choral project and if some established fiction wants to risk signing her. Transparent, Orange is the new black, American crime story… by chance you seek to rehabilitate fallen stars?

Now it remains to be seen if she is ready to take on a role in a more choral project “