August 5, 2021

Melanie Griffith plans to return with a television series

This is a sitcom for the ABC channel, where she would play the grandmother of a gifted family

Melanie Griffith on the Oscars 2015 red carpet


Barcelona. (Drafting).- Melanie Griffith is one step away from simply becoming the mother of Dakota Johnson, now that her daughter is grabbing all the media attention with the adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey . Perhaps this situation has convinced her to return to the forefront of today and now she wants to star in his own series of television for the American channel ABC.

The project, which still has no name, is inspired by a book written by Kip and Mona Lisa Harding where they recounted their experiences as parents and guardians of a group of gifted children. Griffith will play Celeste, a grandmother and former beauty queen who offers her family a home to help them with their particular academic dynamics. In the writers room will be Wendy and Lizzie Molyneux, who until now had been working on the animated comedy Bob’s burgers .

This will not, however, be his first foray into television in recent years. Last year he starred in a three-episode arc on Hawaii Five-0, in 2012 it came out in Raising hope and a year earlier he collaborated with Betty White on Poker of queens. But he hadn’t accepted a leading role since 2007 when he appeared in Viva Loughlin, a musical series produced by Hugh Jackman that failed miserably. It will be his turn to dust off his woman’s weapons again.


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