July 24, 2021

Olivia Wilde leaves the marital home and moves into Harry Styles’ house

For a month and a half Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles have become the couple of the moment. The actress and film director ended her relationship with actor Jason Sudeikis, father of her two children, and lives in a cloud after confirming her romance with the former singer of One Direction, nine years her junior. They are so happy and in love that heThe couple has taken another step in their relationship and they have moved in together, as published Page Six


Olivia Wilde ha left the marital home in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, to go live with her new love at her home in Hollywood Hills. The director of Booksmart it was photographing in the middle of moving on Valentine’s Day when he was moving several suitcases to Harry Styles’ house. A property in which they were already photographed together days ago and that from now on will be their love nest, at least as long as she does not have to be with her children. Wilde and Sudeikis announced the end of their relationship at the end of 2020 and maintain co-raising their children, Otis, six, and Daisy, four.

-Olivia Wilde’s daughter, to eat!

The actress of House He could not start 2021 in a better way. Olivia went with Styles to the singer’s manager’s wedding, Jeffrey Azoff, and they were seen together hand in hand and in a loving attitude, as revealed to People a source close to the two artists. Page Six He then assured that the actors began their relationship as a result of the filming of Don’t Worry Darling, the film that Wilde directs and stars in Styles, and that during the wedding they appeared before their friends as a couple.


A source revealed to the aforementioned publication that the former member of One Direction It was the reason that Olivia Wilde parted ways with Jason Sudeikis. Nothing foreshadowed the breakup of this couple, who always showed the love and admiration they felt for each other. Doctor Remy Hadleyn en House, and the actor of We are the Miller they started their courtship in 2011 after meeting on the show Saturday Night Live the one Jason was working on. Their relationship lasted almost a decade and they had two children.

Don’t Worry Darling, The film where the love story between the actress and the singer began, has just concluded its filming and to celebrate the end of the film, Asif Ali, one of the cast members, has published a photo of the entire cast in which Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles appear together, very smiling and passing their arms behind their back. In the image there is a detail that his fans did not overlook and that is further proof of his love: they both wore the same white hoodie as a sign of the complicity that exists between the two.


Dedication to Harry Styles

Wilde went even further, posting a message alongside a photo of Styles to praise his acting skills and generosity in accepting a supporting role in a film directed by and starring women. “Most of the Male actors do not want to play supporting roles in films directed by women.No kidding, it’s hard to find actors who recognize why it might be worth allowing a woman to be the center of attention. Enters: Harry Styles, nuestro “Jack”. Not only did she relish the opportunity to allow the brilliant Florence Pugh to take center stage as our “Alice,” she infused each scene with a nuanced sense of humanity. He didn’t have to join our circus, but he jumped on board with humility and grace, and he left us speechless every day with his talent and warmth “.

What if Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde’s closets had anticipated their love story?

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