July 29, 2021

Renée Zellweger’s spectacular characterization as Judy Garland

At just 16 years old, Judy Garland He had been on stage for almost 14 years. A precocious star who would go down in history after star in The Wizard of Oz. Dorothy remained engraved in the memory of the spectators, that girl who was able to restore peace and joy to the world of Oz after defeating the witch. Now, the movie Judy tries to explain who the woman was, the icon, who was hiding behind the rainbow. To embody the Hollywood actress in recent times of their life, Renée Zellweger show your chameleon ability to transform completely, impressing the specialized critics. The American is aiming for the Oscars after having already won the Golden Globe, and now the film reaches the billboard in Spain.


While Renée Zellweger assures every time he has not tried to imitate Judy Garland during the film the world is amazed at how he manages to resemble the icon. The plot takes place in 1968, thirty years after the premiere of the Wizard of Oz. A veteran Garland is on tour in London to give a series of concerts. At the moment when she is preparing to go up to one of those scenarios, where she spent more time than in her own home, the actress will reflect on her life. That will be the beginning of the end since he died on June 22, 1969 from a barbiturate overdose.

“When I began to understand the trajectory of his career and the challenges he faced throughout his life, I saw that last stretch with more empathy and I considered her as a heroine and not a victim. Judy was a warrior who was full of hope and never gave up, “said Renée in a recent interview with The world. The figure of Garland came to occupy a very special space in the Hollywood panorama, which mourned his loss with more than 20,000 characters attending his public funeral.

Zellweger has dared also to sing the songs that are kept on video of Garland’s performances in London clubs. One of the most outstanding points Judy is that she is one of the few biopics that does not try to whitewash or sweeten the events of its protagonist. Listed as one of the most important movie stars in history, the protagonist of The Wizard of Oz he lived a life plagued by financial problems, mental problems and addictions. Renée leaves her stage behind as Bridget Jones to face a role that smells like Oscar. If he succeeds, it will be the second in his record, since he already won the best supporting actress in 2003 with Cold Mountain.