July 26, 2021

Richard Donner, director of “Superman” and “Lethal Weapon” is dead, but will continue to shape Hollywood

From ‘Goonies’ to ‘Lethal Weapon’ to ‘Superman’, the American director and producer leaves behind an important film that will inspire the new generation.

Without Richard Donner, Gen X would have little recollection of popular cinema, as the American director, who died on July 5 at age 91, handed us prototypes of the blockbuster films that still make up the contemporary Hollywood scene. for him Superman (1978) that is why we obtain bat Man (1989) by Tim Burton and the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe that now colonizes our imagination. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, of course, paid tribute to the person who saw him as a mentor. Donner’s secret, simply put, was to take the superhero guy seriously and avoid all the temptations of camp when he faced a giant in stockings and ponchos. The filmmaker enforced Christopher Reeve’s ugly righteousness for a Scout, amplified the film with Marlon Brando as Superman’s father, painted the hero’s childhood as Norman Rockwell, and had the Clark Kent / Louis Lane couple walk in dynamism. comedy spiral. On the Clark / Super duality, he will say: “There was a wonderful movie, Jules y JimTwo men are in love with the same woman. It’s Superman: two men are in love with the same woman and these two men are the same man, but not in the eyes of the woman.

From TV to movies

The director will apply exactly the same recipe to lethal weapon (1987), motto Friends movie A policeman where, between fuses and bromance, a realistic backdrop remains that will fade throughout the continuity (Mel Gibson commits suicide, Danny Glover is the father of the family). Richard Donner did his classes in television directing several episodes of soap operas (On behalf of Law, Mysteries of the West, Streets of San Francisco, Kojak …). It will break the cinema thanks to a curse (1976). The tone is ridiculous: Antichrist is reborn with an ambassador, and at the mention of a prophecy predicting his return to a new Roman Empire, Gregory Peck solemnly replies that it should be the EEC. But with your experience The fourth dimensionWho directed the excellent episode of it? A nightmare at 20,000 feet (1963), Donner passes the pill and terror, helped by the luxurious black collective music of Jerry Goldsmith. He later announced that the money he reported a curse It will be used to finance star Wars.

Richard Donner leaves Madeline’s other 80s: a proven one, recorded on VHS of our hearts (Fools 1985), without which there were no nervous children in the series. Weird things ; The other, more secret – fantasy – Lady hook (1985), with Michelle Pfeiffer and Rutger Hauer as Cursed Lovers. His career will become more functional in the years 90-2000, in the service of Mel Gibson (Massad, intrigas), run on the poor 16 blocks (2006) with Bruce Willis. will produce a file salvar a Willie what X Men (2000) Brian Singer. On the development of superheroes on the screen, it will be mentioned in an interview in 2020. “A lot of people make them sarcastic, it’s frustrating.” While claiming not to know who Zack Snyder was. Richard Donner still has plans to continue the series lethal weapon.