July 25, 2021

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Netflix, the streaming giant, is, in my opinion, the one who best manages the algorithm to offer you content according to your previous tastes and interests. He almost always succeeds in offering movie and series titles, both old and new, much to my delight. Lately, however, the section I like the most is the “rewatch” section.

Watching a movie again has, like almost everything in life, pros and cons. The great pro that I highlight is that seeing a content previously seen by oneself is like a revaluation of our own person.

When several years have passed since we saw a movie, we can remember the main plot, some characters and we remember the impression we felt at the time: whether we liked it or not. But, other than that, it’s almost like discovering something new with a hint of acquaintance.

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Watching a movie for the second or third time allows you to contrast your analytical and perceptual capacity over time. Compare the person you are today with the person you were yesterday. The emotions evoked may vary even though the film is the same, frame by frame, but the one who has changed is you. This exercise, as simple as it may seem, can allow you to grow, since the only person with whom it is worth comparing is with yourself in time.

The negative aspect of this section is in the comfort of the known. Audiovisual content allows us to explore impossible universes and improbable relationships from the comfort of our home. However, embarking on an adventure requires some commitment. A commitment that in times of anxiety or uncertainty does not come with the best of invitations.

And at times of high tide for our state of mind, what we seek the most is the certainty of what is pleasant, of comfort. We do not want more uncertainty in our lives, we do not look for more surprises, we want to ensure the results of experiences.

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This dichotomy crosses my mind as I decide if I’m going to see the great movie Catch me again if you can with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks or if I give a chance to a Spanish youth series that everyone talks about, but not it finishes catching my attention. Now that I put it in writing, the decision is not that difficult. Play.


Guillermo Rossini