July 24, 2021

Telma Ortiz: “Geriatric” pregnancy

Don’t be shocked, please. Scientifically so called that maternity that occurs after certain years. In the case that concerns us, those that Telma Ortiz, Letizia’s sister, has when announcing, this week, her pregnancy, already … 47 years old !!!

This is the first child in her relationship with Irish lawyer Robert Gavin, a couple since 2019. Although it is her second child. Telma was already the mother of a 12-year-old girl from her five-year relationships with the equally lawyer Enrique Martín, whom she met in 2005.

In the sentimental biography of Telma, first of all, her almost secret marriage in the Monastery of Leyre (Navarra) in 2012 with the lawyer Jaime del Burgo (all her men have been).

In 2008, he already showed little or no sympathy for the Press. At that time, Letizia’s sister, who was married to Enrique Martín-López, a Red Cross aid worker and father of her first daughter, tried to prohibit the press from talking about her and her sentimental relationship with her daughter’s father.

For this, he could not think of anything other than to file a lawsuit, nothing less, than against … 57 media! Communication. The controversial sister-in-law of Felipe VI wanted to be judicially prohibited from “capturing, publishing, distributing, disseminating, broadcasting or reproducing photographs” of her or her partner.

It was said that behind this madness was … Letizia! who encouraged him to continue with that demand.

The shot at the press backfired, since the Court of First Instance number 3 of Toledo, applied the legal unfeasibility of such a claim and ordered him to pay the costs that exceeded 40,000 euros.

But this is a past story. Today I want to talk about the “geriatric” pregnancy (it is difficult for me to use this adjective for a young woman) of Telma, which is news, not so much because of the pregnancy itself but because of age. According to specialists, becoming pregnant at the age of 47 carries certain risks such as diabetes, blood pressure but, above all, pre-eclampsia with damage to the liver and kidneys.

Given this news, I can’t help but think of Letizia, her 48-year-old sister, and ask myself this question: What would happen if Letizia got pregnant? Because power, of course you can. According to the gynecologist Ana Pereda “there are more and more pregnant women in menopause”

There are many examples: Salma Hayek, mother at … 50; Camerón Diaz, with 47; Janet Jackson with … 50; Rachel Weisz, wife of Daniel Craig, aged 48; Monica Bellucci, 45; Halle Berry, 47, Geena Davis, 48 ​​and also … twins! And closer, here, in Spain, the journalist and TV presenter, Ana Rosa Quintana, also had twins at the age of 48.

Happy mothers all of them. It would not be the case if Letizia, at 48 years old, became pregnant and gave birth … a boy, a boy!

According to article 57.1 of the Constitution “The Crown of Spain is hereditary following the regular order of primogeniture, the male being always preferred to the female”.

Leonor is Princess of Asturias because in the marriage between Felipe and Letizia no male was born. But if, due to those things in life, Letizia became pregnant and a boy was born, he would automatically displace his sister in the line of succession to the throne.

As was the case in Sweden when Queen Silvia, who was diagnosed as being unable to become pregnant again, was proclaimed heir Victoria. But lo and behold, the queen, against all odds, became pregnant again giving birth … a boy.

King Carlos Gustavo, abusing who he was, decided to proclaim Felipe, his newborn son, heir! And as such he proclaimed it. But, as I have written several times,

Sweden is not Spain, nor is the Swedish monarchy the Spanish, nor the parliament of the Nordic country similar, not even remotely, to the Spanish. Therefore, he refused to reconsider the actual decision. “Our son was born with all the rights to be the heir,” says the King.

“But he has lost it,” say the constitutionalists.

As a consequence, and after seven months that the child had been, Victoria was confirmed, with all rights, as the heir to the throne that she was from birth and the only woman who will reign in Sweden in any year of the century. XXI.

Dear readers, in the same situation, do you think Felipe VI and the Spanish Parliament would act in the same way?

But don’t worry, it is pure speculation.