July 26, 2021

The adventurers | The EC Republic

Tired of the abuses of previous governments, the “Red” took up arms and promised better days for the people and bury corruption. And he succeeded. He came to power … ..and stayed.

He repeated the same government abuses that he had defenestrated. Discontent soon spread, therefore, and the revolutionaries took up arms again. Now the leader was “El Cóndor”, who went to the mountains to fight the “Rojo”. And it also triumphed. The film ends with the “Condor” cheered by the crowd and assuming the government with the same attitudes, speeches and poses that “Red” had before.

“The Adventurers” was a movie classic from the early seventies. With spectacular actors like Aznavour, Ernest Borgnine and Candice Bergen. Based on the novel by a writer then spoiled by Hollywood, Harold Robbins, it tells the story of an imaginary Central American country that could well have been the Dominican Republic, Guatemala … or Nicaragua. A “banana republic” where the revolution occurred every day and then adopted the same vices of the rulers whom it overthrew.

Dictatorship, concentration of powers, abuses, corruption, kidnappings, crimes, and all the cancerous tumor that we already know. Daniel Ortega drawn. And the representatives of the socialism of the XXI century portrayed. Daniel Ortega is an adventurer. Sheltered in his previous fight, he has formed, with his wife Rosario Murillo a new “somozato”. Like the Kirchners, husband and wife constitute the center of power in Nicaragua…. for a short time more surely. The dead of Nicaragua cry out for justice.

After serving as president for five years between 1985 and 1990, he has held the office since 2007. He is going to complete 33 years revolving around or exercising power, in clear defiance of institutionalism and above all good sense. And today his people repudiate him.

Chávez Y Mature They have been the quintessential adventurer. They have been in power for 19 years. They have impoverished Venezuela, isolated it from the Latin American concert and have motivated an exodus of biblical proportions in the country, since more than a million and a half Venezuelans have emigrated from Venezuela in recent times.

Néstor and Cristina, in the country of tango, lived the adventure of “I have”. And they hid the silver even in the monasteries. Dilma and Lula were other adventurers. Lula may be popular. Other populists have been too. But the culture of corruption that has existed in the last eighteen years is unparalleled even in informal and fun Brazil. So much so that Odebrecht became a corruption multinational that has motivated Netflix to bring it to the screen.

And without a doubt, ours. The Sao Paulo franchise worked very well in Ecuador. For them, of course. We are astonished at the series of crimes generated in the last decade: embezzlement, fraudulent handling of the debt, collusion with the FARC and weakening of the border, purchase of weapons in poor condition, crime against humanity perpetrated on an invented September 30, irresponsible handling of public affairs, unclear deaths, cover-up of ministers and officials, manipulation of justice, manipulation of the electoral process. It is a veritable rosary of offenses committed or tolerated. So many that President Moreno cannot even name them.

Our “Corteguay” has lived its “revolution” with a small-time dictator. Like the “Red” or the “Condor” in Robbins’ novel.