August 6, 2021

The Internet Has Yet to Uncover the Most Heartbreaking Image of Daniel Day-Lewis | ICON

Daniel Day-Lewis recently photographed in a park in New York.Cordon

In 2010, a photo of Keanu Reeves (1964, Lebanon) sitting alone on a bench while eating a sandwich became a global meme. That photo reflected loneliness, nothingness, the futility of existence itself. The image was obtained by Ron Asadorian of the Splash agency in May and began to become a viral milestone through the Reddit platform in early June. On June 10 there was already the domain (“Sad Keanu”), now deactivated today.

At that time, social networks were not the massive monster they are today – Instagram had just been born – but Sad Keanu, as the image was popularly baptized, managed to attract attention thanks to placing a Hollywood star whom we assume a millionaire, powerful and happy in a context that any of us could have been in: Keanu ate a bad looking sandwich, wore clothes that did not look particularly elaborate, appeared uncombed, wore a multi-day beard and lost his gaze to the ground. Keanu could have been sitting staring at the marble floor of his Hollywood Hills mansion or the Place Athénée in Paris, but he chose a public park in daylight. Who knows why.

Daniel Day-Lewis has unwittingly pulverized the sadness that Keanu Reeves was flagging for in 2010. His clothes look worse. Your shoes too

Daniel Day-Lewis (1957, United Kingdom), who announced last June that he was leaving acting, has just done the same in New York. His appearance is even more pitiful, if possible: striped pants that could be pajamas, a basic blue T-shirt, black Converse that have seen better times … and the arm in a sling.

Forget Sad Keanu. Daniel Day-Lewis is not only sad, he also has a broken arm (as a result of a motorcycle accident, according to Page Six). The actor recognized in Hollywood for taking his acting effort (and his talent) to the extreme has unintentionally pulverized the sadness of Keanu Reeves. His clothes look worse. His shoes too. Keanu had disheveled hair, but in this picture Daniel looks little. Keanu had a sandwich, Daniel has nothing to eat. Keanu had two functional arms to grip the sandwich. Daniel Day-Lewis only has one.

As of this writing, Reddit has yet to discover the possibilities of this image. Not only could Keanu sit next to him. There are also similar images of rapper Kanye West and rocker Jack White. There is a tumblr about Kanye –inspired by the Sad Keanu phenomenon– dedicated to compiling images in which the self-styled “greatest rock star on the planet” appears troubled and lonely, although the genesis of all this took place as a result of an image uploaded to Instagram that user Alex Yenni in which, apparently, an admirer is in Mexico with the famous couple enjoying their vacations and asks Kim to pose with him in a photo. In the background, Kanye appears, looking defeated, sitting on a white plastic chair. The image has just over 250 “likes” on Instagram, but it quickly went viral in 2012.

Regarding White, his image with a gesture of anger and defeat during a baseball game in Chicago in May 2014 was captured from television and uploaded to Twitter by user Torque Penderloin.

It only took Photoshop for someone to sit the three of us on a bench. And the Slate website did it very soon after.

The montage that the American website Slate did with Kanye West, Keanu Reeves and Jack White in 2014.
The montage that the American website Slate did with Kanye West, Keanu Reeves and Jack White in 2014.Slate

Now you only need Photoshop for someone to do it with Daniel Day-Lewis (there is room in that bank!) And there are four famous, millionaire and talented men staring sadly at nothing. There are few more palatable guilty pleasures for a September morning.