July 26, 2021

Villain or victim? – Diary16

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I love Disney, but above all, I like its ability to adapt to new times, its ability to know what the public wants to see.

Disney has adapted to a world in which women are not mere damsels in distress, a world where we do not need princes to save us, or a crown to be princesses, because we no longer feel like princesses, we feel like queens.

Of all the Disney villains, my favorite has always been Maleficent, but then I read the beginnings of the witch from Snow White, in the book The most beautiful in the kingdom, and I fell in love with her story, but I will tell you about her in another Now, now I want to tell you about one of the villains that I hated the most and who has risen to number one for her film, I’m talking about Cruella.

My daughter and I really wanted to see the movie, and now that school, exams and stress are over, we have taken popcorn, sweets and some soft drinks and we have sat in front of the television ready to enjoy the show, and I say spectacle because it is a genius, you cannot put any fault in the film, it is a real wonder for people who love Disney.

The fundamental reason why Cruella has always been the villain that I have hated the most, has definitely been because I adore animals, and the fact that this woman wanted to make a coat out of their fur made me sick. I hated her every time she appeared on the scene and many times I even played the film so as not to see it, it made me nervous, but this film has made me understand the beginnings of her evil and humanize that woman who suffered deep down.

This film has shown a girl abused by fate, and a woman who fought for a dream until something stronger stood in her way, revenge. But best of all, you understand her and want revenge as much as she does.

Many times we do not understand why people are the way they are, but most of the time, people are the way they are because circumstances make them the way they are. Then the question comes to our mind: Is it born or is it made? And I answer that both. Since we are born we are marked by our genes, place and family, that is something that we cannot change, but to this we must add the circumstances that surround us throughout our lives. A person who has never been betrayed, will be trusting, a person who has never lost a loved one, will not appreciate the love of his family, a healthy person, will never know what it really is to be sick. If you grow up in an environment where money is plentiful, you will never know what is really important in life, because yes, money and power change people.

Disney is showing with its series of villains, that the bad ones are bad because life made them that way, but the genius is to explain the reason for its evil and its beginnings.

The truth is that as a woman I thank Disney for explaining it, he owed it to us after demonizing all women by turning them into evil and unscrupulous witches. Think about it, look for a villain in Disney, you see? all men are princes, or end up tragically dead leaving their adorable daughter helpless, well, except for the tasteless Sleeping Beauty, who ended up asleep.

Now, focusing on the Cruella movie, I recommend that you see it, it is magnificent, wonderful, great, stupendous and spectacular. His transformation and his character, along with the power that he gives off, makes that when you finish watching the movie, you want to dress in black and white and change your hair radically. By the way, the designs and costumes in the film are incredible and the performance of Emma Stone and Emma Thompson, unbeatable.

I finish with the phrase that I like the most about the film and that Cruella Devil pronounces in a moment that is a before and after:

“They say there are five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Well, I would like to add one more… revenge. “