August 5, 2021

What to do in Barcelona today, Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Like every summer, what we most want is to celebrate it outdoors and this year, with more reasons than ever. One of the most attractive options in this sense is the programming that it offers us during these two months CosmoCaixa with his already popular sessions CosmoNits, which consist of a double program that will start with a concert where we will discover emerging groups (9pm) followed by one of those ideal movies to enjoy “a la fresco & rdquor; (22 hours). Music and cinema will come together to offer us unforgettable evenings that will take place every Thursday in Plaça de la Ciència and for just 6 euros (half price for CaixaBank customers). But there are also special sessions on Tuesday afternoons in the Planetari that, from today, premieres two new proposals. Let us know all your summer offer.

Two premieres at the Planetari

In the Planetari room they will be able to see two audiovisual pieces every Tuesday at 7 pm. The first one is Axiom, an interpretation of geometry as a branch of mathematics that deals with the study of the properties of geometric figures: points, lines, planes, curves, surfaces or polygons. It is an immersive experience that takes the audience on a journey through geometric shapes and transformations. Paradox is a temporary journey where viewers get caught in a loop of events, a loop that predestines us to continue traveling in time and that will make us reflect on the uncertainty of the future. It is beginning to get dark and it is better that we keep quiet to start savoring the night by jumping during the day until Thursday.

Relationships and child superheroes

This week’s double (day 8) starts with the electronics duo Moon Vision, formed by Xevi Collado and Albert Pardo, which became a quartet with Pau Schultz and Júlia Collado. Your first job is inspired by the female figure through the different stages of life that go through fear, love, psychedelia, positivism and self-improvement. And, as a complement, a reflection on relationships and technology, Her (2013), by Spike Jonze, with Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams and the voice of Scarlett Johansson. It tells the unusual story of a shy man who is in the process of divorce and accepts a new technology by which his operating system dialogues with him. As time passes, he falls in love with that voice and becomes his partner, but the problems will not take long to appear. It might seem like the fantasy of a freaky, but actually it is a deep analysis of love and isolation in the 21st century.

The 15th will arrive Acoustic Guiri, a quintet inspired by manouche jazz, which combines an instrumental formation very typical of this style with the warm voice of Julie Hamar that transports us to blues and soul. A concert in which they combine own compositions and jazz standards with careful arrangements with elegance, energy and delicacy. And then, a Disney animated adventure film that may also appeal to older adults, Big Hero 6 (2014). It takes place in the city of San Fransokyo, where a boy fond of robotics befriends an inflatable robot and gathers other boys to organize a group of high-tech superheroes to face a mysterious and powerful character. The film combines influences from North American culture and animation with Japanese, is full of cinephile winks and contains spectacular chases, emotional moments, and tackles superhero fashion.

From the future to the 70s

Clara Gispert will be the guest on the 22nd, a surprising, fresh and innovative singer who fuses, in a delicate and expressive way, styles as varied as jazz, pop and country in Catalan and English giving them a new very personal and contemporary nuance. And then we will travel into space with Brad Pitt in Ad Astra (2019), a thoughtful science fiction film. In the near future, the heads of space agencies are bent on finding life on other planets. A terrible threat looms over Earth and an astronaut must go in search of his father, who mysteriously disappeared in space 20 years ago, to try to save the planet. That nobody expects kind adventures Star Wars, it is a somewhat philosophical film more similar to Solaris what to Gravity (To quote two movies by Pitt’s friend George Clooney). It is slow, very contemplative and with very little action, very beautiful to see visually; the sound and music are very careful but, at times, it can get boring.

July will close with Arema Arenga (day 29), a visual artist and composer with Ethiopian, Cuban and Soviet roots. Almost nothing. He will perform in the company of a guitarist and a pianist to reel off his repertoire in which he combines the blues with bossa, jazz with soul and folk with funk with Cuban rhythms in the background. In the cinematographic section they will make us go back to adolescence with Super 8 (2011) by JJ Abrams (Mission Impossible 3, Lost) and produced by Spielberg. It takes place in 1979, when a group of children who are filming a monster movie in Super 8 become witnesses of a spectacular train accident. From that moment on, his small town will be invaded by the army that seems to want to hide something. A delight that puts you in the time machine and transports you to the entertainment cinema that was made in the 80s, since it gives the impression of having been shot in that decade. The main reference is Los Goonies, but it is more like a chapter in File X than a derivative of Mark Twain, although it also has many details of E.T. like bicycles or the town where the action happens in style Gremlins O Poltergeist.

More fantastic and back to the future

We will enter the month of August with River Omelet (day 5), a band of folk versions that also incorporates their own songs. Now they start a new stage in which they combine Irish folk music with energetic touches of indie pop and harmonies for three voices. A recent Irish film with an international vocation will complete the session, Vivarium (2019), a suffocating film between intrigue, terror and fantastic cinema. It is centered on a young couple, made up of a teacher and a gardener, who are looking for a flat. An eccentric salesman takes them to a mysterious urbanization from which, as if it were a Buñuel movie, they will not be able to escape. They have to get used to living there and receive a package of food every day to survive. Everything gets even more complicated when a baby appears that they will be forced to take care of. But he is a very strange child who grows up too fast and can be irritating. It takes place in a very unreal environment, both the houses and the sky seem digital, which is even more disturbing. It looks like an elongated chapter of the Unknown dimension and it is quite distressing.

Mata duquela (August 12) is the new proposal from the guitarist and singer Chino Swingslide, a renowned performer and composer. The project consists of an acoustic quartet that mix swing, tango, waltz, latin and blues at the service of an intimate and emotional repertoire, but not lacking in rhythm and debauchery. Will follow Sons of men (2006), a pessimistic dystopia signed by Alfonso Cuarón, the director of Roma. The action takes place in the near future, where humans can no longer have children, men have lost the ability to procreate and women have become sterile. The protagonist is a former London activist (Clive Owen) who is hired by a mysterious woman (Julianne Moore) to protect a girl who may hold the secret of saving humanity. Haunting science fiction and constant bad vibes.

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From Japan to outer space

On August 19 the Brazilian will perform Wagner Pa and his band, the Brazuca Matraca, maximum exponents of the mestizo sound in our city. Now he seems to have moved away from rock and has rediscovered his roots in bossa and approaches jazz, funk and soul from a very personal perspective with his fourth album, entitled Bakery. And from Brazil we traveled no less than Japan with The girl who leapt through time (2006), a Japanese animated film signed by Mamoru Hosoda (The boy and the beast, Mirai my little sister). It takes care of a young woman who discovers that she has the ability to jump through time. Thanks to this you can change the course of events: avoid accidents, repeat exams or help your classmates. But altering them can also have negative consequences. A smart and ingenious tape suitable for all types of audiences.

Finally, on Thursday, August 26, we will receive Jazz La Teta, a wonderful female trio made up of three highly experienced artists: saxophonist Haizea Martiartu, keyboardist Lucía Fumero and double bass player Carla González. The group will review a repertoire focused on jazz classics, but will also play more current themes. Closing the cycle of cinema we will have Prometheus (2012), a prequel to Alien signed by the same director, Ridley Scott, and starring Noomi Rapace (Lisbeth in Millennium), Michael Fassbender (12 years of slavery) and Charlize Theron. It deals with scientists who discover a series of 35,000-year-old cave paintings that seem to indicate the location of a distant planet. In the year 2093, a ship travels with the goal of finding the origin of life in space. It is very visually impressive, part of its aesthetics reminds of Alien, but also offers original contributions and surprise his ideas in terms of new technologies. A brilliant culmination of two exciting months with the best bands and films.


Planetari and CosmoNits

Where? CosmoCaixa (Isaac Newton, 26).

When? Tuesday, 7pm (Planetari) and Thursday, 9pm. (CosmoNits).

Price: from 3 (CaixaBank customers) to 6 euros.

More information: CosmoCaixa.

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