July 29, 2021

Bryan Cranston stars in the animated fable The One and Only Ivan, which brings together great figures

Disney came up with another metaphor for freedom, but this time with a gorilla and your wish kingkonic of freedom, in the midst of a fiction bitterly sustained with high doses of animal abuse and the occasional counterpart in solidarity. That’s what it’s about The One and Only Ivan, an animal fable where digital animation and true action are superimposed, which will feature the actor from Breaking Bad Bryan Cranston.

The imagery and power of Disney make the physical image of Cranston, who can be seen in the flesh, are joined by the voices -in the original version in English- of Angelina Jolie, Danny DeVito, Helen Mirren y Sam Rockwell.

“The project had started out as a kind of light and fun action movie for kids, a simple story and not much else. But everyone who got involved understood that it really it’s a tough movie and it is not, at all, a light and pasatista film. I mean: it’s a lovely, fun, and lively movie, but it’s also quite misleading on the packaging“Angelina said.

“The One and Only Ivan” recovers the animalistic fable tone that triumphed with “Dumbo”, 80 years ago. / Photo EFE / Disney

“One of my children read the book and said that he loved it so I read it and we talked about why it was special and why it had meant so much to him,” added La Jolie at a virtual press conference, who, in addition to giving him a voice to a character, is listed in the credits as a producer of The One and Only Ivan.

The film is based on a successful book by Katherine Applegate. It tells the story of Ivan (the voice of the always valuable Sam Rockwell), one of those gorillas that improve the human condition, but are part of a circus show. The thing is that the life of this missing link changes definitively when a little elephant named Ruby, which has just been captured.

Cranston plays the worrying circus owner (Mack). Regarding the ambiguous characteristics of his character, the popular actor said a few things: “He is a man with obvious defects, but he is also a man trying to do things well, “he argued.” Ivan was like a son to him and he was not going to abandon his son. But the question is how to face the fact that this specimen is now a full-fledged gorilla. “

Bryan Cranston brings voice and body to the new Disney film.  / Photo Richard Shotwell / Invision / AP

Bryan Cranston brings voice and body to the new Disney film. / Photo Richard Shotwell / Invision / AP

The director of the film, Thea Sharrock, He referred to how they made technology manage to be at the service of emotion in a movie designed for a mega-grossing premiere that, finally, ended up being released to the digital market product of the coronavirus pandemic.

“It was like working on two movies at the same time. On the one hand, we started the whole process with the dubbing because the animators needed their voices to begin to set the animation journey. Then we shot all the action and real. And in the end we came back to shoot all the virtual aspects of the film, that is, when we only had animals in the scene, “he explained.

The One and Only Ivan, which premiered in the United States in August, can be seen in Latin America only in November, when the Disney + platform disembarks in the region.

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