July 28, 2021

Jennifer Lopez wears an oversized denim jacket ideally

Jennifer Lopez is one of the most admired artists in the world and is that not only stands out for her artistic talent, but for the broad sense of fashion she possesses. This is demonstrated with each of the publications he makes through his Instagram account where he interacts with his loyal fans.

This has been demonstrated with each of the photographs that he shares through his Instagram account, where he not only shows his talent, part of his family life and tastes, but the incredible outfits that he models for every occasion.

If there is something that has characterized this artist throughout her career, it is the empowerment with which she has handled each stage of her life and in the field of style this was not left aside.

At 51 years old, the artist is characterized by being a risky woman when it comes to choosing her outfits and is not afraid to experiment with all kinds of outfits.

In recent weeks, the singer has been in the eye of the hurricane after her separation from Alex Rodriguez with whom she was engaged was confirmed.

The scandal erupted when J.Lo was caught in a romantic situation with Ben Affleck, with whom she was also about to marry more than 17 years ago.

Jennifer Lopez maintains an innovative and imposing style

The singer’s love situation has not stopped her from creating new musical successes and that is why, in recent days, she has been promoting her new song “Change the step”, which could reveal the emotions that she has experienced in this personal event.

In the videos she shared through her Instagram account, the singer showed an inspiring look, as she wore an oversized jacket with a unique style.

In the clip you can see that the artist is wearing a completely open shirt that allows you to see her bra with silver rhinestones and, on top of these garments, an oversized denim jacket.

The outfit is completed with denim shorts, high heels, and a gold chain clutch bag.

These types of jackets are very fashionable because they become the main element of any look, while the rest of the garments serve as elements that add life to the style in general.

In this case, J.Lo wore basic textures and colors, but set the trend by adding a top with silver rhinestones.

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