August 1, 2021

The curse of Glenn Close and the bliss of Frances McDormand

Did Glenn Close win or lose at the Oscars last night? Specifically, he left empty-handed. But she also left Union Station in Los Angeles as the owner of one of the best episodes of the night.

To the beat of Da butt, the unbeatable 1988 US hit, actor Lil Rel Howery asked the star of Fatal Attraction if they dared to dance the song as dictated by the choreography. A pure twerking or perreo. Close, the kind of star that comes back, didn’t think for a second and started shaking her hips in her blue dress. The public of the ceremony, smaller than usual due to sanitary measures, roared as few times in the afternoon-night of California.

By accident, the 74-year-old actress was also the protagonist of another good moment of the date. After it was known that she had lost again in the race for Best Supporting Actress, this time at the hands of Korean actress Youn Yuh-jung (Threatening), received the accolades from his colleague, a Hollywood debutant, despite the fact that they are months apart in age.

The actress dances Da Butt at the Oscars. Photo: ABC via AP

“I don’t believe in competition. How can I beat Glenn Close? I’ve seen her in so many performances ”, the Korean interpreter celebrated.

Close is pure smile every time a new envelope is opened at the Oscars and a name other than his emerges. Although in the ceremony this Sunday his negative streak may have acquired new tragicomic overtones, because by not coming out triumphant with his performance in Hillbilly, a rural elegy it reached eight winless nominations, matching Peter O’Toole’s record. The mythical actor of Lawrence de Arabia He last ran for the statuette in 2007, four years after being honored with the honorary Oscar.

To be fair, the American actress made it to the 93rd Academy Awards without much of a chance. In fact, its inclusion in the awards season was almost miraculous, after the poor reviews received by the film directed by Ron Howard and released on Netflix. Because of that cold reception, his co-star in the story, Amy Adams, another with a cursed link to the Oscars (six nominations, zero statuettes) was left in the way.

He was closer two years ago, when he arrived with great options at the ceremony at the Dolby Theater thanks to his role in Wife, the correct drama about the woman of an acclaimed author. But at the last minute, on the big night, the British Olivia Colman appeared to him (The favourite), who since then began an unstoppable rise in the industry until meeting, ironically, again with the actress of Albert Nobbs in the dispute for the most coveted distinction in Hollywood. But Close always finds a contender who overshadows her. In 2021 she was an Asian veteran with no experience in the United States, in 1988 she was Cher and in 2012 Meryl Streep.

Someday he should transfer his luck to the Academy Awards in other types of instances, such as the Emmy (three awards) or the Golden Globes (three). Meanwhile, the Oscars seem to find themselves in a perfect idyll with a colleague from a previous generation, Frances McDormand. Winner in 1997 for Fargoby the Coen brothers, and in 2018 by Three ads for a crime, by the British Martin McDonagh, the interpreter now seized the most fought statue of the night.

Frances McDormand and Chloé Zhao posing with the Best Picture award. Photo: Chris Pizzello / Pool via REUTERS

Up to four applicants arrived with options to win the award (Viola Davis, Carey Mulligan and Andra Day), but the preferences again benefited him. Her role as Fran in the brilliant Nomadland She conquered the voters, perhaps because of how she manages to blend in with a cast of non-professional actors, perhaps because of how she embodies the essence of a woman who detaches herself from everything in the face of the crisis.

This was the first time that a triumph of hers was accompanied by a victory in Best Picture and, by the way, the first time that she also raised the statuette as a producer, alongside director Chloé Zhao and her partner Peter Spears.

McDormand joined a select group of actors with his latest statuette. Now he ties with Meryl Streep, Jack Nicholson, Daniel Day-Lewis, Ingrid Bergman and Walter Brennan for three Academy Awards, leaving just one of the top all-time winner, Katharine Hepburn, who has held the brand since 1982. It’s love that the largest organization in Hollywood has with some and the grace it offers to others. Although Glenn Close can always steal the most important night of the year with whatever he wants.