August 4, 2021

This important character will also be back in John Wick 4

John Wick 4 is already preparing for its premiere, which will be in less than a year, and for this it seeks to renew the majority of possible actors. One more artist confirmed his return.

Every good movie has been in the news long before its release. This has been the case of the fourth installment of the saga of John Wick. While it is not known if the sequence will manage to maintain quality, some comments about the plot and news about the cast increase the hype. Many celebrities have been included in the staff, while others confirm their return.

Logically Keanu Reeves He will return in the title role, yes, in that of Hollywood’s most popular killer in recent times. What’s more, Laurence Fishburne e Ian McShane They also confirmed that they will be part of the next part of the story. Some of those who make it to the cast are Donnie Yen, Bill Skarsgard and possibly Scott Adkins.

Having all these names on the table, it is known that first the plot will continue right where the third chapter ended, taking up in a simple way the reality of most of the characters. The only question would be how Chad Stahelski It will be played to introduce the new ones.

Continuing on the issue of returns, the participation of Lance Reddick In the role of Charon. The actor has given life to the renowned janitor and administrator of the Hotel Continental. In this regard, he is listed as Winston’s right-hand man. Both could be the protagonists of the series that is being prepared about the iconic establishment.

“Lance has been part of the franchise from the beginning and has played an integral role in shaping the world of John Wick. I couldn’t be more excited to work with him again. “revealed the director of the franchise.

This next fragment of the saga will be released on May 27, 2022.

Source: Deadline