July 26, 2021

What could A Quiet Place 3 be about? A Quiet Place 2 ending explained and the future of the story

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The second part of A Quiet Place left the door open for a direct sequel that could bring the saga to a close.

After the premiere of the film, director John Krasinski confessed that he already has some ideas for the continuation; However, should this happen, Krasinski will no longer be the director, as he will hand over the reins to Jeff Nichols.

While the production of A Quiet PlaceThere is only room for speculation in the story, but you can get an idea of ​​what will happen based on the events of the second installment.

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Unlike the first movie, A Quiet Place 2 It ended with a happy ending for the Abbot family, with Emily Blunt’s character safe with her children and Regan on an island of survivors with her hearing aid as a personal defense weapon, in the event of a monster attack.

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However, there are some details of the universe of A Quiet Place that are not entirely clear and could be taken up in the third part to finalize the franchise.

One of them is the motivation of extraterrestrial creatures. The monsters arrived on Earth, probably fleeing their planet in destruction.

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However, the monsters’ motivation is not resolved. History has not explained why the aliens decided to invade Earth, if they were not able to adapt to the water conditions.

In this way, the film could explore a flashback sequence in which monsters flee their organized planet to invade ours.

Humanity is not entirely safe

Although the main family is safe on an island of survivors, it does not guarantee that the rest of the humans are.

The population featured in the film found a way to stay protected from the monsters, but the creatures could stage a new attack to regain their leadership on Earth.

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It is likely that there are more hidden survivors in other parts of the planet who need to band together with the protagonists of A Quiet Place 2 and start a new civilization.

This is where Regan, the deaf-mute daughter of the Abbots, comes into play. Although the character of Cillian Murphy or Emily Blunt would be expected to become the leaders of civilization, it would make more sense for Regan to be.

She has an advantage over the rest of the characters because she discovered the weakness of monsters thanks to her hearing aid, so she understands the movements of the creatures better than other people.

In this way, Regan could lead humanity to a possible regrouping and defeat the monsters for good.

regan a quiet place 3
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There are no confirmed details about the possible sequel yet, but A Quiet Place 3 It could be a reality with a new story with Regan as the main character ending the successful franchise.

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