July 31, 2021

the chosen menu and how he managed to go unnoticed – Para Ti

The athlete’s family entourage was made up of about twenty people who gave their palate to the select menu of the gastronomic establishment founded in 1993 and which became one of the classics of Florida.

The first hours of Lionel Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo in the United States were marked by rest and the possibility of visiting emblematic restaurants such as Ricardo Montaner’s, with the particularity that he was awaited at the exit by a barrage of fans who made it difficult to return. to home. Regardless of this situation, he again enjoyed a dinner in this case at Prima Pasta, an Italian cafe and restaurant with an Argentine accent, which is visited by many world celebrities.

The gastronomic space opened its doors in 1993 by the hand of Gerardo Cea, an Argentine who came to Miami at 18 years of age and managed to create a place that is chosen by tourists, referents of sports, entertainment and local life. Speaking to Infobae, he told how the operation was to receive the Argentine star: “They contacted me from the family. I spoke with my employees and with the security that has worked with us for more than 20 years, which we use when an important person comes. The logistics were the same that we used with other personalities, but treating them as if they were just another customer ”.

It is located on Collins Ave.

It is that it was a procession of more than twenty people since La Pulga went with his wife, his children, his parents, his brothers and the respective families of each one: they all entered through a secondary door and entered directly into a private room , away from the flashes and the harassment of the fans. “They are very simple, they like to eat classic foods, such as Milanese parmesan, a pasta called fiocchi, tuna tartare or Italian burrata,” reported the gastronomic entrepreneur. Lionel, on the other hand, leaned for some stuffed pasta: spinach and ricotta agnolotti with pink sauce.

Meanwhile, the Argentine athlete did not put aside his gestures as he gave an Argentine shirt signed by him to the owner of the place and surprised with a gift for Henry’s son, one of Prima Pasta’s bartenders. Valentino Martin Villar, a young soccer player who is close to Inter Miami, received the advice of the American Champion to kick free kicks and received a signed jersey.