July 26, 2021

Franky Monet: “There is a lot of Lady Gaga in Franky Monet”

Before being featured on WWE as Franky Monet was known to everyone as Taya Valkyrie and managed to make a name for herself in different companies before earning the call that changed her life. He started training with Lance Storm in 2010 and since then she has not stopped conquering quadrilaterals throughout much of the world already in IMPACT (where she was champion Knockout for a total of 377 days), Lucha Underground, Major League Wrestling, The Crash o PCW Ultra, among others.

Recently, he gave an interview to Denise Salcedo from The Sporter in which he reviews all the details of his signing with WWE and his debut on April 13 interrupting the NXT Champion Raquel González, in addition to what her new life in Florida is like.

Franky Monet last night on NXT

► I thought it was all a joke

«At first I was speechless because I thought that it couldn’t be happening to me. I thought someone was playing a prank on me. I always put myself in the worst case scenario and learned not to get excited right away. I wasn’t really going to be happy until I was at the Performance Center in the training shirt and shaking hands with Triple H. That’s when I knew it was real. It has been a very long process in which I have had to suffer a lot to get here. Finally everything was real and I could scream with joy«.

► Working for WWE is a reward for so much sacrifice

«Working for WWE is like validating all the past years And all the efforts that I’ve had to do from show to show without knowing if there would be another after or the 17 hour bus ride from Laredo to Mexico City over and over again. Finally all my effort has been validated and I can share the ring with the best women from all over the world.

“It was a very hard effort to try to be recognized by the best international companies. That was one of the reasons why I jumped to Mexico because it was there where I could work on television and learn from the best and that’s what happened. In spite of everything there will always be someone who will not believe in you and they will say ‘no’ a million times but it’s worth it as long as they say ‘yes’ just once. Then all the tears, the injuries … it will all have been worth it«.

Franky Monet in his fight last night on NXT
Franky Monet in his fight last night on NXT

► Glamor arrives at NXT

«Franky is just one more step in the evolution of my character within this industry and within my life, basically. It is a more advanced version of Taya Valkyrie. I am inspired by artists of all kinds: musicals, television, filmmakers… I think I borrow something that I like from each character and create my own. There’s a lot of Lady Gaga in Franky Monet. There’s a bit of Erika Jayne from ‘Housewives’ and there’s a bit of Marilyn Monroe. I think a little bit of all these iconic blondes I am creating day by day what you see every Tuesday in NXT«.

Monet gets the victory
Monet gets the victory