July 25, 2021

Jesse Pinkman syndrome: what it is and how to know if you have it

Few characters as unforgettable as that of Jesse Pinkman en “Breaking Bad” – played by Aaron Paul – the junkie insecure and emotionally dependent on chemistry teacher turned drug lord, Walter White. In the end (spoiler alert), Pinkman found his own way (and right in the Netflix movie that followed the broadcast, “The Way” his redemption is narrated) and showed that his role was still as noble as in the nurse series. Well, now the internet has associated its name with that of a very recurrent behavior in social networks and that some already call syndrome. Do you want to know about what is it and if by chance you suffer it?

Let’s do a bit of history first. If you have already seen the series in question (if not, what are you waiting for? Then you can continue with “Better Call Saul”) you will remember one of the first episodes of the first season (specifically number two), in which the Jesse Pinkman character make a quick decision. If you have not seen it or do not remember what happens, then we will put you in context.

Jesse Pinkman, a character from Breaking Bad, has given a name to what some call a syndrome.

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The origin of the so-called Jesse Pinkman syndrome

In the aforementioned chapter entitled “Cat’s in the Bag”, Jesse and Walter face the challenge of having to dispose of the corpse of one of their nascent enemies, whom they have to assassinate for their own safety. Walter – who is an expert in chemistry – recommends (rather orders) Jesse to submerge the body in a plastic container filled with acid. When he goes to the store to buy the container, his reasoning is that a “simple plastic bucket” will not resist the acid and he decides not to buy it and instead, do things his way in the porcelain tub, because the consider stronger (‘polystyrene my ass’ or something like that). Yes, Jesse Pinkman he decides to listen to his improvised instinct instead of following the specialist’s instruction. The result? That the corrosive substance undoes the material in the tub and even goes through the second floor, letting it pass through a hole (with the corpse included) and creating chaos in the house. The plastic material of the bucket had certain characteristics that prevented the acid from reacting, not the chemical components of the aforementioned bathtub.

Why did Jesse decide to go his own way and ignore the recommendations? Because he assumed that he and only he was right.

Jesse Pinkman syndrome has been named as such by a user on networks.


What is this syndrome?

This kind of behavior It is usually very common in our times when we dismiss the opinion of people who have studied certain topics and are experts in specific areas. For example, when they tell us that we should wear face masks to protect ourselves from COVID-19 and we think “How can a simple piece of cloth protect me from a virus? Everything is a conspiracy! ”. Or when we read false news and take it for granted, ignoring the recommendations of specialists. This type of social syndrome, it has spread more visibly right during the still present pandemic, and it feeds on the decisions we make, ignoring science and research, and appealing to common sense that sometimes tends to be wrong if it starts from ignorance.

Interestingly, the Jesse Pinkman syndrome It did not come from some social experiment, but from the Twitter of a user, one of those millennial philosophers who suddenly publishes theories like this that hit the nail on the head and make us rethink certain models of behavior, at the same time that they reveal the importance of the T.V. series as the modern referents for a certain sector of society.

How do you know if you have Jesse Pinkman syndrome?

If you are one of the people who dare to comment on any subject just because it “makes sense to them” and from a self-sufficient position they question things even if they are the product of serious investigations or come from the voice of people with knowledge of the facts, without a doubt you suffer of that syndrome of our times.

These points that would give you away as the bearer of the Jesse Pinkman syndrome (it is spread through social networks)

  1. 1

    You think that everything that happens is a conspiracy, including the coronavirus.

  2. 2

    You never read (much less can you) the instructions of the products

  3. 3

    If you go to a doctor, you dismiss his advice and do not follow the instructions of the medications to take or do it your way.

  4. 4

    Your source of information is rumors (you take them for granted)

  5. 5

    You share fake news without analyzing if the news is real, or its source.

  6. 6

    You like to take shortcuts. Sometimes it works, but it can also alter the result you are looking for.

  7. 7

    You don’t like being told what to do

  8. 8

    You think you know everything and do not recognize someone else as an authority