July 25, 2021

Lily Collins and other celebrities suffer from hyperpigmentation in the skin and two dermatologists give us their best tricks to treat it

The actress Lily Collins shows without complexes how it has hyperpigmentacin on the skin or spots on the face but that does not prevent her from being one of the most beloved and divine actresses when it comes to showing off a spectacular face. So does Ins Sastre who does not hesitate to come out with her face without makeup in her latest Instagram post where they launch a true message in favor of real beauty and without artifice, letting her skin breathe.

In the case of Lily Collins e Ins Sastre suffer from hyperpigmentation in the skin or the presence of dark spots on the skin due to an increase in melanin at the local level. That is why we speak of sun spots (whites), melasma (diffuse pigmentation, generally hormonal based and very common in pregnancy) and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (when it occurs after a burn or trauma).

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When choosing assets and products that treat this hyperpigmentation, we asked the doctor Natalia Jimnez, group dermatologist Pedro Jan, who confirms that the favorite principles of dermatologists to treat this type of spots are “the hydroquinone, retinoic acid, tranexmic acid and the typical antioxidants and what is always common in all depigmenting treatment is the use of factor of sun protection broad spectrum “.

When it comes to eliminating them, the laser or pulsed light continue to be the facial treatments that work best on a medical aesthetic level, although as Dr. Jimnez assures us, “it is also possible to use chemical peels but in the case of melasma and of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, we must be very cautious since, if they are done in a too intense way, we can worsen the spots “.

Rosacea on the skin, another form of hyperpigmentation that increases every day

Not only with the use of masks, in recent years, it has also been observed how every day there are more people suffering from rosacea or redness on the skin. And the list of celebrities who suffer from sensitive skin every day increases more.


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From Rene Zellweger a Cameron Diaz are just some of them. And its symptoms are usually “a tendency to reactivity and facial redness to stimuli, couperose on the cheeks, intolerance to cosmetics and in some cases such as Cameron Diaz the tendency to the appearance of inflammatory lesions “tells us the dermatologist doctor Lidia Maroas, from International Dermatological Clinic.

In addition, people who suffer from rosacea tend to be quite faithful to follow simple facial care routines, where the motto “less is more” prevails with soothing products suitable for sensitive skin. And when choosing treatments, Maroas recommends those with active ingredients such as niacinamide, which will be a great ally in these cases due to their high anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and calming power.

He also a doctor Timm Golueke, creator of the firm Royal Fern, assures us that hyperpigmentation can appear after an inflammation caused by acne or as a result of hormonal changes, pregnancy, exposure to the sun or genetic melasma and when fighting it but when treating it, give your skin some time because it takes at least two to three months of daily product use to see a noticeable difference on the skin. ”


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