July 25, 2021

The best Shyamalan movies and series to watch on platforms before ‘Time’

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On Friday, July 30, the new film by M. Night Shyamalan, the director who dazzled everyone with The sixth Sense and that he has had a career of highs and lows, but always maintaining his personality in all his films. Now he returns with a mysterious film in which several characters are locked in a silver where time does not follow the same course as in the rest of the places.

A play starring Gael García Bernal and Vicky KriepIt is one of the most anticipated of the summer, but so that the wait does not become too long, we recommend the best films of the director that you can find on platforms and a series in which he has left samples of his talent. Spoiler: The sixth Sense it is not available in any of them.

‘The protected’ (Disney +)

His masterpiece. Before Marvel and company, M. Night Shyamalan had already made the best possible superhero movie, that of one who does not know what it is and who discovers that there are people with powers. A staging prodigy, with unforgettable moments, a precise script and an unforgettable villain, the man of glass played by Samuel L. Jackson versus the undaunted-faced hero played by Bruce Willis, the director’s favorite actor.

‘Signs’ (Disney +)


The director also dared with an alien invasion, but told from the point of view of a family that lives everything from their farm. A film with one of the most unforgettable scares in recent cinema and that also has a signature script twist on a reflection on destiny. A film to claim that began to mark the change of trend towards Shyamalan cinema.

‘The forest’ (Disney +)

'The forest'.

Shyamalan divided critics and many sharpened knives against him, though others called it a masterpiece. It is one of those titles that has grown over time and is a sample of the director’s talent, who here through a classic horror story, a ‘monster’ that terrorizes a people, manages to speak of fear as a weapon against it. progress thanks to a masterful final twist.

‘Múltiple’ (Netflix)


What of Multiple It was the biggest trolling Shyamalan has ever done to all of his fans and non-fans. He released a film about a multi-personality assassin starring James McAvoy in a wordless and stripping performance with an Anya Taylor-Joy long before Lady gambit, and a final twist was taken that turned his work into an expanded universe. For those who have not seen it, we will keep it a secret, but the director turned this film into a sequel to The protégé and managed to keep it a secret until viewers saw its end.

‘Servant’ (Apple TV+)


Although he has not yet created a series as such, he does act as a producer and has dared to direct a few episodes of Servant, one of the series that has worked best for Apple TV +. At the moment he has already dared with three chapters (and another already announced) of this horror fiction about a couple who to overcome the duel buy a ‘reborn’ baby and a babysitter to take care of their fake son.

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