July 25, 2021

The illustrated biography of Lady Gaga by a Spanish woman

• NAME: Laura Floris

AGE: 28

BORN IN: Madrid

SIGN: Cancer

HAVE YOU STUDIED… Fashion design


A dream come true is what this Madrilenian born in Madrid and raised in Italy has lived. His passion for Lady Gaga has led to Laura Floris to be chosen by the publisher Lunwerg to give life to the illustrated biography of the actress. Because Laura, in addition to being one of the artist’s biggest fans, is a young and talented illustrator. A passion that was born after starting her studies in fashion in Madrid. Because one thing leads to another, and when creativity runs through your veins, it can be transferred to any medium. Although he tells us that at the moment he has no news of Lady Gaga, does not rule out that at any time you send them your opinion. That would be a dream.

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Why did you decide to study fashion?

It seems typical, but fashion has always been a passion since I was little, instead of being with toys, what I liked the most was taking my notebook and imagining being a famous stylist. I spent hours and hours in my room until with the support of my parents, I decided to move to Madrid to study fashion design at the IED (European Institute of Design).

What led you to make the leap to illustration?

The love for illustration was born during the race. I was always one of those people who painted at home but never went to a specific class. I experimented with all kinds of techniques until when I finished my degree, I asked my parents for a graphic tablet as a birthday present, and it was precisely at that moment that this love for illustration was born. I learned alone, with tutorials on YouTube, drawing every day until I had my own style.

Courtesy of Laura Floris

How would you define your artistic style?

Each artist or illustrator has a different world, something that differentiates him from the rest. And that is the most special thing for an artist, to be unique and different. For me there is no illustration without color, much less without my personal brand. In all my creations, you can see elements that make us recognize at the moment that son of “Thehurray Floris”: All the symbols are in the eyes. In one of the eyes of my characters, we will always see four lashes that protrude on the lower eyelid.

For me, the eyes are the key to everything, the eyes speak for themselves, they tell a story. When it comes to creating, I am inspired by the Pop Art world. But the history of art in general is my great inspiration, seeing what they did in other times, so different from each other and so authentic, is what gives me life. My other great passion, fashion. By mixing different disciplines, something very entertaining and interesting can come out.

Do you think illustration is having a good time?

I see around me that there is a lot of desire to create; we want to dream after being locked up for a long time. We want to see beautiful things, travel with the mind and I see that many companies are now betting on artists. Little by little we are taking big steps.

Do you think that social networks have benefited illustrators?

Without a doubt, I think we are very lucky to have the internet. Social networks give us that visibility without which it would be very complicated and difficult to become known. I think we are quite fortunate because we live in a society where we can share our thoughts, ideas, art, and that people can see it quickly, in addition to reaching places that you would never have imagined sitting from your desk.

lady gaga

Courtesy of Laura Floris

Your idol is Lady Gaga and you have precisely been chosen by Lunwerg to illustrate her biography. How was this project born?

Actually, everything was born very natural, there was nothing planned. The Lunwerg publishing house asked me to illustrate a book about Lady Gaga’s life since they knew that I had great admiration for her. But never in my life did I imagine that I would write about her. It is a dream come true. The writing was born out of nowhere. Lunwerg, in addition to proposing to illustrate it, I also ask myself: “And would you also like to write it?” I didn’t know if I could be capable, but they believed in me. For me it was a challenge, my first book, by Lady Gaga, there are also very few about her and none that was illustrated. It would have been crazy to say no.

Illustrating it I knew it was going to be one of the most beautiful things I was going to do. I’ve really enjoyed it, especially drawing the costumes for his music videos and galas, but writing has been a real discovery for me. It has been a long and intense process, of almost a year and a half of research, in which I have discovered things about his life that I did not know before. I wanted to be as faithful as possible because of the respect I have for her, and write a different biography, in the way that I can tell a friend about it. People have reacted well to the book, and for me it is all a pride and satisfaction. I was never going to be able to imagine something like that, I thought it was impossible.

Will this illustrated biography be published worldwide?

I hope so, we are working on it.

What role did the singer have in the creation process?

Fundamental. Lady Gaga was my source of inspiration since I was a teenager, thanks to her I began to draw and believe in myself and my dreams. His music is my strength, it helped me in various stages of my life, especially when I moved to Madrid. There I was alone and I didn’t know anyone, so I had to start my life from scratch.

What was the most difficult thing about this job?

Everything has been very fluid. I have a good time drawing and also, in this case, everything that I like and am passionate about was united in one single thing. With my own style of illustration, nothing seems complicated to me, because it is where I feel most comfortable. Of course, in some stages of her life I have enjoyed it more and in others less. For example, the least it is when Gaga begins to sing in pubs in New York, she was not yet known and of course not known as she is now. From that stage of his life there is very little in the networks, books or interviews, so I have had to start my imagination to be able to draw. The stage that I enjoyed the most drawing was with the costumes, since I love fashion.

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What is it about Lady Gaga that has hooked you?

For being a strong and dreamy woman. We have the strange idea that success is a firm and straight career, and I think that being able to read biographies of successful people makes us better understand that this path is neither straight nor firm, that behind every success there is an unknown world of mistakes and failures. that end up becoming lessons that invite you to move on and not give up. Reading in detail about ordinary people doing extraordinary things can be a huge source of inspiration that can help us with everything, and she has done it for me.

What is the next thing you would like to do?

I never imagined that I would be able to write a book. I have discovered another passion, that I had hidden. After having written it, I realized that in my notebook where I write the ideas of my future illustrations, I also write a lot about how I might feel at that moment or simply the inspiration that I have at that moment.

I like to be 100 with my life, to feel fulfilled, to try to fulfill my goals. I have liked fashion since I was little. I have always drawn clothes and have read a lot about the lives of designers. My favorites, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana and Valentino. I studied fashion design at IED in Madrid and at home I have my sewing machine, so in my spare time, I am at it and with my mannequin doing tests …

If you went back to the world of fashion, how would you like to do it?

With my first collection of clothes. so stay tuned …