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A photograph of Charlize Theron with her two daughters has revolutionized social networks and the more than six million followers on Instagram that the actress accumulates. And it is that such a familiar gesture is unprecedented for the interpreter, always very discreet with her private life and used to keeping her daughters away from the spotlight and from social networks. “My heart belongs to these two beautiful and powerful creatures. I will never be the same again. Happy National Daughter Day, “Theron wrote a few days ago along with a series of images of the two little girls sharing smiles and happiness at different times in their day-to-day lives.

Except for the photographs of the paparazzi that have captured the actress over the years with her family shopping or walking through the streets of Los Angeles and a screenshot where the little ones were seen during a virtual celebration by Zoom on the occasion On Theron’s 45th birthday, Jackson and August, the two adopted girls who have made up the actress’s family for eight years, were barely known. In 2012, the South African – with a US passport since 2007 – adopted Jackson and three years later, in 2015, August joined the family.

One of the reasons why the Oscar winner has wanted to keep her daughters out of the media circus is because, as she revealed at the beginning of last year when Daily Mail, her daughter Jackson is transgender. “Yes, I also thought it was a boy. Until when he was three years old, he looked at me and said: ‘I’m not a child!’ For several years the Hollywood tabloids have continued to be puzzled and sometimes not unaware of the criticism of the actress’s relationship with her then son Jackson, whom she adopted in 2012 and whom photographers have captured on numerous occasions with his mother in skirts or dresses . An attitude that aroused controversy, criticism and even questioned Charlize Theron’s ability as a mother.

Not oblivious to public discussion but jealously guarding the privacy of her daughters, last December Theron explicitly asked the media that every time they wrote about Jackson, they should do so by changing her gender and referring to her as a girl, because it is like the little girl had requested it from her mother. “As Jackson got older it became more difficult for us both people and the press to refer to her with inappropriate pronouns and terms,” ​​explained the actress in an interview with the LGBTQ website in the United States. Pride Source. That “hurt her feelings,” Theron continued about what her daughter had passed on to her. “I do not want to be that mother and that was the reason why I said what I said a while ago,” he said, referring to his statements about Jackson’s transsexuality.

Charlize Theron with Jackson, left, and August in Beverly Hills in October 2016.

Having clarified that Theron is the mother of two girls, the actress does not want to encourage more gossip-hungry intruders and clarifies that when Jackson is older, if he wants, he will talk about his own feelings. “My daughter’s story is really her story and one day, if she wants it, she will be the one to tell it. I have not discussed this issue since. The rest is private and it is my daughter’s story and it will be up to her to decide if she wants to share it, ”she assured the same portal dedicated to the LGBTQ community.

Keeping the lives of her daughters away from the spotlight and tabloids is not the only battle with which the interpreter of hits like Monster, Sweet November, My great friend joe O The Italian Job, fight daily. He also does it by putting aside the interest that his sentimental situation arouses since the media are always determined to find him a partner. She has dated singer Stephan Jenkis, Irish actor Stuart Townsend and Sean Penn, and despite assuring that she has been single for several years, the press does not cease in her efforts to place a man by her side and has linked her to Alexander Skarsgard or with Brad Pitt. She does not erase her smile when asked if she has a relationship and her response in recent times is always the same: “I am very comfortable alone, with myself and with my daughters.”

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Charlize Theron breaks her armored intimacy and introduces her two daughters | People