Chris Pine could join Marvel Studios as a well-known superhero

These days, everyone wants to become a superhero, and this also includes various Hollywood actors. Marvel Studios and Warner Bros. have become the promoters of the genre on the big screen and there is no end in sight for this type of production. A new report from We Got This Covered points out that Chris Pine could join the MCU with a fairly popular character in the comics.

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The passage of Chris Pine for superhero cinema is remarkable. In the DCEU he is in charge of playing Steve Trevor, Diana Prince’s love interest in Wonder Woman – 92%. The film became a total success for Warner Bros, but it seems that Marvel might want him for a major superhero role in their own franchise. We cannot deny that Pine would fit pretty well for any character.

Now that two of the MCU’s biggest superheroes have said goodbye forever, Iron Man and Captain America, the franchise needs new faces to complement the loss. New heroes and villains will join the adventure and one of them could be Chris Pine. What character? We could say that it is a superhero similar to the Green Lantern from DC Comics.

In accordance with WGTC, Marvel would like Chris Pine like Spectrum. This character appeared in the comics in 1971, forming part of the so-called Supreme Squad, a type of Justice League that is not as memorable as this mythical team. In the Supreme Squad we find Hyperion (a kind of Superman), Power Princess (Wonder Woman), Nighthawk (Batman) Whizzer (Flash) and Spectrum (Green Lantern), who is able to mold energy constructions from a gem alien, there the obvious.

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Since April last year it had been reported that Marvel Studios was working on a project to bring the Supreme Squad to live action, and that it is already looking for the actors who will shape the super team. The strong rumor of Brad Pitt as Hyperion emerged and now comes the possibility of having Pine like Spectrum; if accepted, he would become another of the actors who have dared to work with clearly competing studios. At the moment there is no information on whether the team will have its movie or a series for Disney Plus.

Without a doubt, it will be exciting to see the arrival of new characters to the MCU. For more than a decade, Marvel Studios has enchanted fans with its vast group of Avengers comprised of several of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Phase 4 is about to begin and with it will come new faces; Although the progress of any project is halted, it is only a matter of time before the titles begin to be announced and are available to the public.

Superheroes, whether from Marvel or DC, have a long way to go for years to come. The material that exists in the comic has enough potential to keep the saga alive for a long time; To top it off, the MCU hasn’t brought out its most recent acquisitions, the X-Men and the Fantastic 4. The company has managed to cement a multi-million dollar empire with Kevin Feige in the lead, something other studios can only dream of. The profits from the films are enviable and the company is still going for more. It is almost impossible for another company’s film to exceed the proceeds of Avengers: Endgame – 95% last year. Superheroes are backed by the giant hand of Disney and for now there is no entity that can defeat such a titan.

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Chris Pine could join Marvel Studios as a well-known superhero