Chris Pine’s style in pictures

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  • Chris Pine skips three style rules with his latest look … And he comes out on top. Mix of plain, plaid and houndstooth fabric. And, on top, no tie. Still, there is no one who can get a but out of him.
  • Everyone talks about Chris Pine’s nude, but please look at his leather jacket. The star of The outlaw king he went out marching through New York.
  • After the success of the monkey (flying), Chris Pine presents us the bib (flying). And it’s not the first time he’s put it on …

In general terms, Chris Whitelaw Pine (California, 1980) is an American manual. With her brown hair carefully combed to one side, her well-coordinated clothes, and those blue eyes that peek out from under bushy eyebrows. It is difficult to confuse him with another famous person who resembles him in certain respects. But not only his perfect features (can we recognize that he is a handsome guy?) And his role as James Tiberius Kirk in Star Trek they are what make it recognizable. Its iconic looks They have crept into our lists of men with class multiple times, even when he dares to wear clothes as risky as this Carhartt dungarees. Master vest suits like no one else and that deserves our recognition. Today, in his 40th birthday, we review the 10 keys to a style … from another galaxy

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Printed Shirt Manual

No, you don’t have to lock it in the closet until next summer. The printed shirt is often casual and summery, but if you combine it with white jeans and ankle boots, you can take it for a walk around the city.


All to the white

There is something on target that immediately turns any look in elegant. Now, when this appears in a tuxedo version, all you have to do is comb your hair to be the classiest guy of the evening. Gatsby style.


The return of polo

Take note of this outfit because this fall you are going to type “how to combine a polo shirt” more than you think. This type of shirt has made a strong comeback and tucking the hem into suit pants is the most elegant way to wear them. Loafers are bonus points if you jump in.


A day outfit

Not all events require a rigorous tuxedo or a classic black two piece. Feel free to wear a three-piece like Pine’s and add an open shirt and ankle boots. You will continue to differentiate yourself without losing style.


The American Crusade

It’s the most up-to-date version of the suit: the double-breasted jacket has come to stay and Chris Pine knows it, that’s why we see him opt for this two-piece type and combine it with a shirt and tie. Blue shoes are an option, but you can also wear black ones.


The shades of brown

Here’s a lesson on how to get a look casual but neat. Pair a white T-shirt with brown tapered pants. Add a brown cloth coat and suede chelsea boots. Oh and of course, be sure to take some sunglasses with you.


Summer dungarees

When we say that Chris Pine is both following and breaking the rules, we weren’t exaggerating. The actor proves that, when it comes to wearing overalls and wearing Vans, there is no age. And if you also go on a trip to California, a straw hat and glasses are also allowed.


The winter bib

It seems that Pine especially likes overalls, because this time we see him manage to wear them even in winter. The trick? Replace the short-sleeved shirt with a long-sleeved one, put on high socks and take a jacket “in case it gets cool.”


The most formal sweater

Tired of alternating between a shirt with and without a tie? Join the trend for turtlenecks like Chris Pine and put a more contemporary twist on your more classic outfits. If you have an evening event, you can act like the actor and wear a patent leather buckle shoe. And keep the party going.


Italian contempt

Few men are capable of going for a coffee clad in a linen suit as if it were the most normal thing in the world. Among those few, is Pine, who has wisely added a shirt in the same shade of beige to his two pieces and loafers * always without socks * so as not to lose an iota of class.

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Chris Pine’s style in pictures