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No Time to Die is one of the most anticipated releases of the season, and the constant changes in its premiere date caused a lot of frustration among the cast and fans. The point is that the first advances excited many, because it shows that the film will fire Daniel Craig in the best way, but in the end all the publicity stopped due to the pandemic. Now, after a year of waiting, it was finally confirmed that the latest installment is ready to hit theaters. The red carpet has even been done to clear up any doubts about the next premiere.

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There are many reasons to be excited about No Time to Die; to start we have the return of Blofeld (Christoph Waltz), the arrival of Lashana Lynch as the new equivalent of 007 and the appearance of the enigmatic Safin, played by Rami Malek. In addition, we will see a Bond who must come out of retirement for one last feat that will put into question everything he knew about the agency and his life as a spy. Fans still debate each other Craig (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – 86%, The Logan Scam – 93%, Between Razors and Secrets – 100%) is the best or the worst of the actors who have given life to the agent, but the films he has starred in have been very well received beyond that discussion and it is that they knew how to update a character very well that could easily fall into tedious repetitions.

Now that we can officially get excited about No Time to Die again, CinemaCon It is the perfect way to learn a little more about the film that will hit theaters on September 30. During the convention, a new exclusive preview of this story was presented that will introduce us to a retired Bond tired of his previous life, but still unable to escape from it.

According The Wrap, this scene can be considered a spoiler, so if you want everything to be a surprise you better stop reading right now. Of course, if that does not matter to you here we will detail the moment. James Bond he wakes up on top of a building, he feels disoriented and confused, he seems to be getting up after being attacked. The agent begins to run through the city while being chased by agents of Spectre, who shoot to kill. Although the former 007 tries to flee over a bridge, he ends up coming face to face with his enemies and one of the classic action scenes takes place.

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The trailer continues to show us Bond questioning Madeleine (Seydoux) about how Spectre he was able to find out that he was in town to try to assassinate him. The agent makes it clear that he suspects her and believes she betrayed him, and although she tries to convince him otherwise, he has already made up a story in his mind. The pair can then be seen entering a vintage Aston Martin equipped with Q’s (Ben Whishaw) weaponry and technology, which is quickly destroyed by allies of Spectre.

Finally, Bond assures Madeleine that they all have secrets, but that he has not yet discovered his. With this advance it is clear that many of the unknowns of past deliveries will be resolved here and will be an uncomfortable surprise for the spy. Cary Fukunaga had the arduous task of writing and directing the film in a way that served as a farewell to the actor and as a closure to the story that was linked during these years.

There is still much to discover from this story, but No Time to Die It seems a guaranteed success. Of course, this will not be the last time we will see James Bond, because the character is so popular that there are already several names for a new and fresh franchise. Recently Amazon It acquired the rights to 007, but it does not seem that it is going to exploit it in television format, rather it will have exclusively all its films and will support the production of future projects.

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CinemaCon 2021 | No Time to Die: new trailer shows James Bond under attack from Specter – nonenglishfeed