Clark Gregg says Agents of SHIELD is canon along with Marvel series on Netflix

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is almost certainly the most ambitious shared universe ever made. The films clearly followed a pattern and delivery after delivery we could be putting together the pieces of a puzzle that took time to take shape, but was successfully revealed in Avengers: Infinity War – 79% y Avengers: Endgame – 95%. Of course, the brand wanted to make the most of its characters, so television series were made years ago thanks to various associations. In that sense, Netflix was the most relevant thanks to Daredevil – 98%, Jessica Jones – 69%, The Punisher – 62%, Iron Fist – 19% y Luke Cage – 96%. At the other end was Agents of SHIELD – 100% that it always felt like a whim to take advantage of Clark Gregg’s popularity after his appearance in The Avengers – 92%.

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Since it was released Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Much was made of his place in the MCU. For practical purposes, it was clarified that the character of Phil Coulson (Gregg) was dead on the movie line, but alive to follow his exploits on the tv series On the other hand, the success of the tv series Netflix, especially of Daredevil, played by Charlie Cox, began to generate the idea that, eventually, these characters could make movie appearances alongside the Avengers. This ended in great disappointment because the association Marvel-Disney he ordered the cancellation of those projects to remove the rights from the hands of the famous streaming platform.

Since then, much has been said about “rescuing” these heroes even in cameos, and the new original series of Disney+ they seem like a great option to present them on the other side. Some believe Jessica Jones will appear in She Hulk because there are rumors that Krysten Ritter was seen on the film set. Most recently, some obsessive eyes claimed to have found Charlie Cox in the first trailer for Spider-Man: No Road Home. Of course, those involved constantly deny this gossip and the company has already said on several occasions that the deliveries of Netflix no son canon.

To continue feeding the theories, the own Clark Gregg commented on his position on this in a talk for the podcast Marvel Movie Minute (via The actor who recently had a small part in an episode of What If …? – 84% shared fan confusion:

I’ve seen places where people feel like SHIELD or something has been de-canonized by things that happened on WandaVision in ways that I can’t quite follow myself, and I’m quite adept at these things.

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Above all else, Gregg acknowledges that Kevin Feige and Marvel They have the fans as a priority, because they are what keep the boat afloat:

[Feige] He’s very kind to the fans, I just think that’s why Marvel has done something very special, their number one priority is taking care of the fans. I read this comment the other day where someone said something about it: “Does that make Agents of SHIELD less than?” and [Feige] He said, “You know, I think you really underestimate how powerful and passionate the fans of that series and Netflix series were and are.” And I would never underestimate them or those characters, because I really want to see Charlie Cox, I really want to see the people who love those series, I want to see everything come together as much as possible, because I think that’s what the fans want. .

The actor also states that it is a great pleasure to know that many fans are still waiting for an official appearance of his character. You have to remember that he also appeared in Captain Marvel – 60%, which was set in the nineties.

On a personal level, Clark Gregg He states that although he is excited by the idea, he is very satisfied with his work and does not long for anything else. In the same way, the actor explains that he enjoys as much as the rest of the public to be surprised with the decisions of Kevin Feige and your team. We will have to wait to find out the truth about Cox and Ritter, but beyond the desire of the fans, there is no denying that Marvel is working really hard to get more heroes involved and a lot of them are not as well known to the audience so it would be nice to make room for something totally new.

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Clark Gregg says Agents of SHIELD is canon along with Marvel series on Netflix