Claudia Llosa’s Thriller Movie Exclusive Trailer in South America

With Netflix’s Spanish-language thriller “Fever Dream,” an Oscar-positive show from Peru that debuted at the San Sebastian Film Festival on September 20, Claudia Llosa (Oscar-nominated “Milk of Sorrow”) returns to South America after to film in English. -up to language, the family drama “Aloft” starring Jennifer Connelly.

The hallucinogenic “fever dream” is another story of mother and son. After the birth of Lusa’s second child, the director read the magical realist novel “Distancia de Rescate” by Argentine author Samanta Schweblin, and immediately saw the film in her mind. “Normally, I don’t look for things to adapt to, but she has taken over me in a way that made me need to,” Llosa said in a Zoom phone call from her home in Barcelona. Berlin-based Schäublein wrote to request a meeting. She wanted the author to help her adapt the story.

The director then approached producer Mark Johnson (Rain Man, “Breaking Bad”), who had been in contact with her since her uncle, director Luis Llosa (“Anaconda”), introduced her around the time of Milk of Sorrows. Johnson chose “Rescue Distance” for her, and she and Scheublen wrote the script.

And when Netflix film director Scott Stober asked Johnson, who has long had a strong influence on the Academy’s International Characteristics Committee, if he could recommend some foreign language directors, Johnson brought in Llosa and established the project as a South American Netflix. Original production in Spanish. . “There are a lot of countries where Spanish is spoken,” said Johnson, who also reached out to Chilean producers Pablo and Fabula Productions at Joan Larrain.

“Fever of dreams”

Diego Araya / Netflix

In the end, the Peruvian director shot the film with a great Chilean female team in Chile with a mostly Argentine cast. We follow a story within a story as the vacation of a rich woman (María Valverde) ends in a hospital bed where she is interrogated by a local boy (Emilio Vodanovic). What the hell is going on? We find out in parts as the haunting story gradually unfolds: mysterious, elusive, dangerous, and haunting.

Using voiceover and a flowing river as intersecting lines, Llosa creates a moving and expressive story of rich visitors and poor locals, protective parents and neglectful children, and the feeling that at any moment, something could go terribly wrong. .

“I needed to create that movement,” he said. This river was an umbilical cord that ran through the film. Breaking the journey is very attractive and creates great urgency and confusion and creates this reality as well as threatening. And it works like a clock that ticks, ticks, ticks. “

The movie doesn’t look like a horror to your face, but it’s a satisfying legend that comes together at the end, when we find out who is doing what to whom and what does that have to do with the field scene, “Johnson said. .

FEVER DREAM (from left to right) Dolores Fonzi as Carola and Maria Valverde as Amanda in FEVER DREAM.  Commercial register.  Diego Araya / Netflix © 2021

“Fever of dreams”

Diego Araya / Netflix

“I wanted to root it in Argentina, but I also respect that feeling that this could be anywhere in the world,” Llosa said. “It’s like this horror of everyday life, of the things we need every day and the fear of motherhood that is always there. I was imagining the complexity of the female world and motherhood, the difficult balance between giving freedom to your child and becoming an individual and, at the same time, the need to protect him. “

For the first time, Llosa worked on an entire South American production. “It was magical because it didn’t happen so many times that we could get the best talent in Latin America to work and finance there.”

Check out the first trailer for Fever Dream, available exclusively on IndieWire below.

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Claudia Llosa’s Thriller Movie Exclusive Trailer in South America