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Titled Curfew in its original version, Curfew it’s a british series released in 2019 through the Sky network. Fiction, characterized by a colorful combination of action, sci-fi and dystopian drama, won the praise of the critics for the originality of his narration, his staging and his good sense when choosing interpreters.

The plot takes place in a future in which society is controlled under a curfew that is strictly enforced when the sun goes down. Through this standard, citizens must stay in their homes to avoid being eaten by some kind of infected beings because of a virus that drives them to attack ruthlessly in the dark.

However, some citizens they dream of defying government orders and living in freedom away from this dangerous and tyrannical environment. Some aspirations that are encouraged by Max Larssen, a millionaire who is convinced that there is an island safe from infection and that only a select few will be able to access. To prove that they are worthy of this fate, a number of participants They must manage to get their car to the end of a deadly race in the middle of the night.

In this context some characters stand out that make the plot even more attractive: Kaye, a young paramedic who follows the steps of the investigation that her mother began on the disease that plagues the country; the Donahue, a family with confidential information that could implicate the government in the event; and the General, turned into a legend who seeks to start from scratch with Faith, his pregnant girlfriend.

As responsible for this fiction are Matthew Read y Colm McCarthy, famous for Peaky Blinders, y Christopher Smith, who had previously participated in the miniseries Labyrinth. The production was well received by critics; there were even media like The Guardian who affirmed that “the trip is worth it”, because the series is “a way to entertain yourself and let yourself be carried away by the feverish dream that this fiction supposes.” Others like Telegraph highlighted “the intense action” and “the committed performances.”

To carry it out, a cast full of recognized stars, which was headed by Sean Bean, famous for playing Ned Stark on the series Game of Thrones. Next to him are Adam Brody (The OC), Michael Biehn (Terminator), Miranda Richardson (Sleepy Hollow), Phoebe Fox (Spies from heaven), Peter Sullivan (The Borgias), Andi Osho (Shazam!), Guz Khan (Turn Up Charlie), Jason Thorpe (Poldark) and Billy Zane (Titanic).

Curfew gathers elements from different fictions such as The race of the century O The death Race from the year 2000, also taking references from the Crazy cars by Hanna-Barbera, but being able to create her own identity and style. And it is that, in addition to action, bewilderment, science fiction and the most extreme moments, the series it has a special humor and scenes full of a delusional spirit.

Not a zombie, not a racing story, not a futuristic fiction. Curfew has an amalgam of styles that fit perfectly, although it may not seem like it, offering us a tale of infected creatures that never end up being the typical enemies, as are vehicles and their occupants, which are built as characters full of secrets and with the ability to hook the viewer from beginning to end.


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Curfew – serielistas