Curiosities of Heavy Girls to celebrate this October 3

Heavy girls made great contributions to pop culture when it hit the big screen in 2004. Since then Regina George, Cady Heron, Karen Smith y Gretchen Wieners became part of history and, although 17 years have passed, they continue to conquer all generations with his phrases, unusual moments and his black humor.

Today, October 3, fans of the iconic film congregate on social media to celebrate the so-called Heavy Girls Day, date in what Aaron Samuels, interpreted by Jonathan Bennett, asks Cady Heron, what day was.

We know that The plastics, that group made up of Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried y Lacey Chabert they left an indelible mark on your heart andTo commemorate your special day, here we share 15 Fun Facts About Heavy Girls:

1. The strangerO Orule of ‘Heavy girls

Actress Tina Fey was in charge of writing the script for Chicas Pesadas which is based on the book Queen Bees and Wannabes. Helping Your Daughter Survive Cliques, Gossip, Boyfriends, and Other Realities of Adolescence, de Rosalind Wiseman.

It is book was published in 2002 and is a guide for parents focused on adolescent behavior patterns and the groups they form at school, which can become abusive or even make bulliyng other teenagers.

2. Who was going to play Regina George?

Lindsay Lohan was cast as Regina George, the high school ‘Queen Bee’; However, the director of Paramount, Sherry Lansing decided to change her to the role of Cady because she assumed that the public would not accept Lindsay Lohan in the role of villain because at that time she had been successful in her leading role in Crazy Friday.

3. All plastic

In addition to the nickname Las plasticas with which the group of friends is known, in the film there are several references to this material, for example, in the talent show the clothes used by the protagonists in the Christmas carol are made of plastic.

In another scene, when Cady asks about the bathroom you can see a periodic table with “silicone” as a chemical element because instead of writing “silicon” (silicon in English) it says “silicone”.

4. Lindsay Lohan was bullied

Similar to her character in the film, the actress was also a victim of bullying, which is why she finished her basic education at home, as Lohan recounted in her documentary, where she recalls complicated episodes that would mark her life such as the arrest of her father and his parties at his mother’s side.

5. Mariah Carey, a fan of ‘Heavy Girls’?

Yes, we are all obsessed with Regina George, including Mariah Carey, who on countless occasions has declared herself a loyal fan of The Plastics, so much so that in her song “Obsessed” she makes a clear reference to the film.

6. The edad of Queen George

In the film the protagonists are the same age, but in real life Rachel McAdams is eight years older than Lindsay Lohan. The queen of the plastics in history was 16 years old and the actress recorded the film being 10 years older.

7. The heartthrob of ‘Heavy Girls’

James Franco was considered to play Aaron Samuels, the heartthrob of the film. Finally Jonathan Bennett kept the role; producer Tina Fey would later confess that she chose the actor because “he standscía a Jimmy Fallon”.

8. The original title of ‘Heavy Girls’

The production was originally going to be called Homeschooled, but the producers decided that the original title did not capture the essence of Las Plasticas.

9. They all want to be Karen Smith

Ashley Tisdale and Scarlett Johansson were considered to give life to the curious Karen Smith, of courseNow nobody can imagine another actress other than ASeyfried sends on paper.

10. The good girl

And speaking of Amanda Seyfried, she was originally chosen to play Cady, but the producer Lorne Michaels decided that the actress was a better fit for the role of the ‘clueless blonde’.

11. Real accidents

Actor Tim Meadows, who plays Ron Duvall -eThe school principal-, broke his hand in real life. He had to record several scenes using a cast, so in the film it was decided to explain that he suffered from ssyndrome Carpal tunnel.

12. The origin of Janis’s name

Janis’s characters (Lizzy Caplan) received this name in honor of the singer-songwriter Janis Ian, the first musical guest on Saturday Night Live.

13. Rachel McAdams, in love with villains?

Rachel McAdams assured that Regina George haunts her every day. In an interview with New York Times, the actress assured that she is grateful to the character for giving her “longevity” and that she really enjoyed being the villain of the story.

“I’m always looking for larger-than-life characters and that’s probably why I like to play villains. They can do whatever they want!”

14. Amy Poehler in ‘Heavy Girls’

In the tape Amy Poehler and Rachel McAdams were mother and daughter, but in reality Poehler is only seven years older than McAdams, in fact the only one to be the age of a student was Lindsay Lohan.

15. Breaking stereotypes

Tina Fey, in addition to being the script manager, acted as the math teacher to break the stereotype that women were not good at that science.

With information from The New York Times and Entertainment Weekly .

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Curiosities of Heavy Girls to celebrate this October 3