Colbrelli doubles up: “Retreat at Roubaix! And what an opportunity at the Giro …”

Sonny, the classics and a particular mission: “The first stop in Hungary is made for me …”

Ciro Scognamiglio

Could there be anything more difficult than winning a memorable Paris-Roubaix debut like Sonny Colbrelli did? Maybe yes: the management of the ‘after’. “I was not used to all this attention – confesses the 31 year old from Brescia, European and Italian champion -. My problem is that I am not able to say no. I had to start, because turning left and right like a top is not the ideal. I felt like I was in a blender, in a centrifuge “. Yesterday Colbrelli received the prestigious Giglio d’Oro (48th edition) in Pontenuovo di Calenzano (Fi) as the best Italian pro (in the evening he had dinner in Milan with the former coach Cassani), the day before he had taken a little time to autograph 600 (!) sampietrini, initiative of the fan club. There Colbrellimania you don’t like it.

Colbrelli, better to train even hard than to manage the many extra-commitments?

“The retreat with the team will begin on December 8, in Spain in Altea. And in a certain sense I am happy because I will be able to ‘rest’ more than at home. Up to six hours a day on a bicycle, of course, but then the massages and quiet evenings. Movies, some ‘bullshit’ with my right arm Damiano Caruso … Ah, together with him and our families we will also go to Gran Canaria together from December 26th to January 6th. Lots of bikes, no distractions “.

Meanwhile, where is the piece of Roubaix trophy pavé?

“On a nice table in my house. I touch it and watch it every day. On Friday they watched the race on TV and enjoyed the last thirty kilometers. This magnificent year has been important, but it is more important now to lay the foundations for 2022. This is my strength because I’m already thinking about it. I will never neglect training “.

Have you already talked to the team about the 2022 program?

“We have seen that the high ground is good for me and therefore I will do more days at high altitude. I want to be ready for the Spring Classics, starting with Sanremo. And I would like to return to the Giro d’Italia in which I have not participated since 2016, also because in the first stage there is an opportunity to take the pink jersey. I have already seen it, I hope so. But I should be able to get there well, not just be there to bring the bike to the finish “.

It has made available, for a charity auction, a special version, not on the market, of a helmet and goggles with the livery of the European Champion.

“Yes, in favor of the Red Cross, for road safety. A cause to which I care very much. Respecting the rules of the road to one hundred and ten percent is fundamental. Cyclists are not alone on the road, and are only protected by helmets. I also say to the amateurs, who I often see competitions on Tuesdays during the lunch break. Nice that there is a bit of brawl, but not at the expense of the rules. It applies to everyone “.

Has it struck you what happened to Filippo Pozzato, who recently came out of the Vicenza hospital after being hospitalized for Covid?

“Yes. It was already clear to me that this virus should not be taken lightly. And if the vaccine is advocated by the institutions, it must be done because obviously it is necessary”.

What’s on top of your wish list for 2022?

“Reconfirm. May it be Sanremo, Fiandre, Roubaix … Even winning only 3-4 races instead of 8, but of quality”.

But they will all look at it very closely by now.

“It will be more difficult. But if you have the leg, few stories. Even if you are controlled, take it and go.”

Sonny, over the last few months have you been thinking about those who mocked you for being fat? Bullying is still a plague.

“Yes. There were those who made fun of me, but now I can look at these people with the eyes of happiness and pride because I managed to become what I wanted. To the guys who feel targeted by stupid people I say: look at yourselves in the mirror and feel proud of yourself “.

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Colbrelli doubles up: “Retreat at Roubaix! And what an opportunity at the Giro …”