Death of Pantani, the Rimini Public Prosecutor’s Office opens a new investigation: there is the Antimafia

Marco’s family handed over a memorial of 51 pages and obtained the opening of a new file from prosecutor Melotti. The Anti-Mafia Commission has been investigating the affair since 2019

A new lawyer, Fiorenzo Alessi from Rimini, well known in the cycling world because he had defended Riccardo Riccò in sporting and judicial investigations for doping facts.

A 51-page memorial delivered to the chief prosecutor of Rimini, Elisabetta Melotti, and the desire of the family to shed definitive light on what happened on the night of Valentine’s Day, that 14 February 2004, in the two-room apartment of the Le Rose residence in Rimini occupied by Marco Pantani . A continuous fight, that of mom Tonina and dad Paolo, to give a new image to the Pirate, winner of the Giro d’Italia and the Tour de France in 1998, who died at 34. Yet another attempt to rebel against the official version: the overdose of cocaine.

FILE The National Newspaper today on newsstands announces that the Rimini Public Prosecutor has again opened an investigation into the death of Pantani: a file “against unknown persons” to understand whether the Pirate was killed or not. According to the official versions of the two previous investigations, 2004 and 2014, also confirmed by as many decisions of the Court of Cassation, the Romagna climber from Cesenatico died of a cocaine overdose, but the family never believed in these hypotheses. Now the choice of a new lawyer and those 51 pages in which mom Tonina remembers her battle: “I don’t want revenge but only truth and justice. The truth has not yet emerged ”. Tonina met the heads of the Rimini Public Prosecutor’s Office a few days ago and explained in two hours all the holes and questions that, according to the family, have not been answered since 2004.

SECRETED MINUTES The third investigation into Pantani’s death stems from the words reported in 2019 by Fabio Miradossa, who supplied Pantani with cocaine: “Marco was killed”. The Anti-Mafia Commission also dealt with the case after the words of Miradossa and those, previously, of Renato Vallanzasca, who brought to light what was said in prison by members of organized crime close to the Camorra on the exclusion for high hematocrit of Pantani from the Giro 1999, overwhelmed, with two stages to go. Betting and money stories. The former Milanese underworld boss explained: “They told me to bet against Pantani because he wouldn’t finish the Giro.” The Anti-Mafia Commission, which in recent years has also listened to prisoners, has secreted the minutes, which have now reached the Rimini public prosecutor’s office. These papers, plus the Pantani family memorial, prompted Rimini’s new chief prosecutor, Melotti, to reopen the investigation for the third time.

PREVIOUS The two previous investigations had been opened immediately after the Pirate’s death in 2004 and then in August 2014, when the Gazzetta dello Sport exclusively reported the reopening of the investigation with the hypothesis of murder. At the center of the reconstruction of the Pantani family and its lawyer at the time, the lawyer De Rensis, was the state in which the two-room apartment occupied by the Romagnolo in the Le Rose residence was located: completely upset, but with heavy inconsistencies between the images shown in the videos of the Police and the testimonies of those who rescued the climber from Cesenatico. Plus many unpublished details of Pantani’s last days between Milan and Rimini, never ascertained, and texts never heard. This second investigation, opened in Rimini in 2014, was filed two years later by the investigating magistrate Cantarini: the murder hypothesis was considered “a mere imaginative conjecture”, and Pantani’s death caused by the “assumption, certainly voluntary, of massive doses of cocaine and antidepressant drugs “. Decision confirmed in 2017 by the Supreme Court, which rejected the family’s appeal.

THE JUDGMENTS But what is the official judicial situation? There was only one trial, at the Rimini Court, immediately after the investigation was closed in 2004, which lasted less than two months. Fabio Carlino, former manager of discos, was sentenced to 4 years and six months “for drug dealing and death as a consequence of the drug dealing”; at 3 years and 10 months the “courier” Ciro Veneruso, accused of having brought cocaine to Pantani, while Fabio Miradossa, believed to be the supplier of the cocaine, negotiated a sentence of 4 years and 10 months. Then the Court of Cassation acquitted Fabio Carlino, because the “fact does not exist”: according to the judges, Pantani’s death was caused by voluntary drug taking.

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Death of Pantani, the Rimini Public Prosecutor’s Office opens a new investigation: there is the Antimafia