Daniel Craig reveals what went wrong in 007 Quantum

James Bond He is one of the most popular characters in film, and one that competes actors who want to keep the role. When it was announced years ago that Daniel Craig would be in charge of a new franchise, the public did not really know what to think. Some did not welcome the news, although they recognized that the actor had a great career; while others believed that he would represent a rebirth for the agent. 007: Casino Royale – 95% led the way and proposed the idea of ​​renewing the spy to adapt it to current action films that already allow better character development.

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The problem came with the release of 007 Quantum – 64%, because this sequel seemed to throw away all the previous effort and leave us with a story that felt badly told, badly edited and without much soul. However, 007 Operation Skyfall – 93% y 007 Spectrum – 65% returned to delight fans who wonder what went wrong with the second installment. Now that Craig is saying goodbye to James Bond With No Time to Die, the actor reflects on his time in this franchise and the things that could improve or the points that ended up hindering the initial proposals for this story.

007 Quantum it showed the emotional consequences in Bond for the betrayal of Vesper, played in the first tape by Eva Green. The agent discovers that the actions of the woman he loved were not as arbitrary as he believed and that a dangerous agency was pulling the strings from the beginning. The film was directed by Marc Forster, best known for Discovering Neverland – 83%, Comets in the Sky and World War Z – 67%, and written by Paul Haggis, screenwriter of Hits of Destiny – 91% and High impact – 75%. The mixture of these two names promised a serious project, where the action was a resource and not the narrative axis, but the result was uneven.

In the documentary Being James Bond (via Collider) Daniel Craig spoke about the disappointment that meant 007 Quantum. For starters, the actor admits that he felt a lot of pressure after his success. 007: Casino Royale, and considers that the sequel suffered the classic “second disc” problem, where the product cannot improve the first installment, and fans and critics do not forgive any mistakes. Also, the industry itself was suffering and that affected production:

We had a writers’ strike. We had a script; It wasn’t finished, but it was almost finished. The movie more or less works. It’s not Casino Royale, and that was always going to be… it was literally like second album syndrome. In a way, we were never going to match Casino… easy to say. Of course, we wanted to match Casino Royale, but… you know.

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The producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli They confirmed that they did not have a script and, worse still, they did not have a writer to help with the corrections. Broccoli explains:

We basically started filming without a script, which is never a good idea. But the script was delivered, and I remember that the writer who delivered the script picked up his check, and then picked up his poster and stood outside the studio on strike. We were kind of screwed up, and we all had to dive right in and try to make the story work, and it really wasn’t working that well. But I watch the movie and, you know, it’s still a good movie.

In 2016, during an interview with Collider, Own Marc Forster revealed that seeing all the problem with the script he was determined to withdraw from the project, but they convinced him to stay because they did not expect the strike to last that long, and they assumed that they could repair the damage during filming. However, the director does not regret having made it and considers that it was not so bad and is satisfied with the final cut.

In an attempt to make up for the problem, Daniel Craig He decided to take a risk and get involved in every possible way. To begin with, the actor did all the stunts he could, which ended up being a negative aspect because he ended up very hurt. On the other hand, he joined the director to try to fix some script issues, although he admits that he is not a writer so he could only contribute a few ideas. Despite these problems, Craig fondly remembers 007 Quantum and it is noteworthy that the film, also starring Olga Kurylenko and Gemma Arterton, was a great success at the global box office, which ensured the arrival of more deliveries.

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Daniel Craig reveals what went wrong in 007 Quantum