Daniel Radcliffe and his style lessons to dress with class

Daniel Radcliffe He is one of our favorite British style icons. Since the man hung up the Harry Potter mantle, he has become the master of independent cinema, in addition to adopting a rather unique style that keeps him as a special actor on the scene.

If anything can define the radcliffe style (ideal for those under 1.70) is: completely relaxed. The man does not care much about what he wears but he always looks good, and this by following five basic rules. These are your style lessons.

Everything is in the tailor

Ideal blue suit.

© Phillip Faraone

Daniel Radcliffe he’s a suit expert, and he always looks perfect because he always has the ideal fit. This, of course, is thanks to having a tailor who makes sure to leave the garments in the proper cut, without leaving a space too loose. Radcliffe It is not too high, so it can be difficult to find appropriate clothes, especially suits, but a tailor is enough to have the ideal fit and always look perfect.

Don’t underestimate the black

The white tennis shoes.

© Neil Mockford

Although we also usually see him with quite colorful outfits (just like Elijah Wood), Radcliffe He usually opts for dark tones and in fact has quite a taste for black, either in suits or other types of attire. The seriousness of the garments is taken advantage of in quite sober and serious outfits that give the necessary formality for each moment. On the other hand, the man knows how to add white on the appropriate occasions, creating the best and simplest contrast for a masculine outfit. By the way, this contrast is ideal to gain a little more height.

El grooming

And, again, the black one.

© Dimitrios Kambouris

If we have something to envy Daniel Radcliffe (in addition to his millions) is his routine grooming. Although he does not always care much about his image, the truth is that he always gives his beard a good look without being too afraid of it, taking a bit of that more mature look that he has sought since the time of Harry Potter. The man maintains a simple full beard, which matches perfectly with his hair style (having one of the best British hair), and his style lounge general. The actor seeks to be relaxed, and his beard is proof of that.

The proper fit

The proper fit.

© Walter McBride

Usually, Radcliffe wear clothes with a fit fair, never opting for something too baggy or loose. We have already mentioned their costumes, but usually we will see it with skinny jeans, tennis shoes not too big, tight shirts and sweaters, and the odd overshirt a bit wide, but nothing too big. This is another of the dress rules for men of short stature, avoiding losing height with any prenda overzise, always choosing the perfect fit for each garment. Maybe then your outfit is more calculated than it seems.

Dominating the pole with a suit

Polo with suit.

© RB/Bauer-Griffin

One of the constant looks of Daniel Radcliffe It is the polo shirt with a suit, this being a perfect mix and one of the best lessons to learn. The polo shirt is ideal since it maintains the formal appearance, also giving it a certain comfortable sporty sense, in addition to being ideal for men of short stature since it remains with a good fit while giving a good look to the rest of the suit, which – as we already expected – is adjusted to suit you. We already know that the polo shirt is a basic of the male wardrobe, but this is definitely one of the best ways to use it and to take advantage of a simple look without thinking too much about it. That is possibly the main lesson: achieve a lot with minimal effort.

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Daniel Radcliffe and his style lessons to dress with class