David Harbor compares Stranger Things season 4 to Lost

David Harbor compares Stranger Things season 4 to Lost

Although Netflix benefited from the arrival of the pandemic because users increased their hours in front of the screen, things got complicated for the filming of the fourth season of Stranger Things (76%). The studio had no choice but to re-record several months later, pushing back the release date. Fortunately, the filming ended recently and very soon we will enjoy new chapters. During his recent appearance at Comi-Con, David Harbor announces that the new season will be much like Lost, that series full of twists and turns and confusing situations that won the loyalty of the public.

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Without a doubt, one of the most anticipated returns of the fourth season of Stranger Things is Jim Hopper’s (Harbour), a character who disappeared at the end of the third season in the middle of a chaotic situation. The clip “From Russia with Love”, released more than a year and a half ago, already told us that the policeman is alive but that he has ended up in a place very far from Hawkins doing forced labor; it is even seen with less weight. He will soon return to sort out his unfinished business and be with Joyce and Eleven on a new adventure. The actor reveals a bit of Netflix’s plans through the following statements:

There are these stories, one of which is about me in Russia and which you have already seen in [el clip] From Russia With Love. I think I have the best story. And then you’ll see a lot more layers about Eleven and Brenner and the institution, and what she went through and what she’s going through that relates to the return to this narrative. And then there’s this Creel House novelty, which is this new Hawkins element and of course everything is related.

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The 46-year-old actor also mentions that the writers worked hard on the story. David suggests that it will be as intricate as Lost, but that it has been worked with to give it a dignified and coherent ending (unlike the other one).

What we’re trying to do, as we’re crafting this, is make sure it doesn’t have a Lost ending. What happened to the polar bear? We try to make sense of it, that the elements of the story begin to come to a head and become a complete piece. Season four puts a lot of effort into all of that.

Stranger Things became one of the most successful series on the small screen after the premiere of its first season. The arrival of the third one represented a definitive triumph for Netflix, a company that in recent months has been in the midst of stress thanks to the launch of new streaming platforms. Without a doubt, the adventures of Elle and company have become one of the great sources of income for the company and they will not end it until they achieve the last of the benefits. Several of its actors met international fame thanks to Stranger Things and the company is eager to produce more content alongside them.

Although nothing has been said yet about a release date for the fourth season of Stranger Things, it is very likely that it will hit the Netflix catalog sometime in 2022, the year in which we expect things to be very different for the entertainment industry. There is also no information on how long Netflix will end the series; Although rumors have been talked about, there are no indications that make us think that the fourth will be the last, will we have a fifth or a sixth?

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David Harbor compares Stranger Things season 4 to Lost