Dehydration and how actors achieve the ideal figure

The dehydration It is increasingly mentioned as part of the efforts of the actors of Hollywood to get a figure worthy of a superhero. Considering that these individuals have to show an almost “divine” aspect, in the most literal sense of the word, a job is required that not only requires hours of training in the gym, but other types of processes that give a really difficult physical aspect to get, and they are not highly recommended.

Dehydration, the Hollywood formula

In general, the dehydration is a process that has become accustomed in the world of bodybuilding, which consists of removing as much water as possible from the system, to make all the muscles look more prominent. The process allows the person to lose a few kilos, getting rid of the water that is between the skin and the muscle, to give this appearance. This has been adopted by movie studios, using it to give actors a more impressive physique.

Hugh Jackman, who played Wolverine many years, he underwent this process to film the tape Logan in 2016 and explained: “First you drink a lot of water for a week, reaching up to 10 liters a day, then you stop 30 hours before filming, and then you just pee, because your body gets used to it. So then all the water goes away, and then you eat some things that can take water from the inside, and… it’s not very fun, but the results are very good ”. The actor, who has shared fitness tips, also appropriately remarks: “Don’t try it at home.”

The process really seems to be very complex, and in fact Tom Holland, who plays Spider-Man for Marvel, shared his experience on Instagram, where he explained that he was trying the process: “It’s to see you in better shape than you really are.” The actor also explained that he had to drink 8 liters of water for 4 days, and the process of removing water and added, “It’s really bad for you, so don’t try it at home.” Although he hasn’t talked about it recently, he may have tried again for Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Henry Cavill, who plays Superman and, in addition to having a brutal routine, he underwent the process of dehydration for The WitcherHe also did not describe it as a positive experience, even pointing out that it is worse than a diet. “That’s the worst of it. The diet is difficult and you’re hungry, but when you’re dehydrating for three days, you get to the point on the last day where you can smell water nearby. The actor clarified that during the dehydration yes he could consume water, but in a very limited way. The process is mainly for the scenes where the actors appear shirtless, so it is not for the entire filming.

The reason why none of the actors recommend this is due to the damage that is being done to the body, first to the kidneys to overwork, accustoming them to a specific routine. Likewise, multiple studies indicate that the dehydration in general it has serious consequences for the intracellular protein structure, and the same function of the cells in the muscles, which can lead to different things, such as cramps or aches in the body.

On the other hand, what is interesting are the extremes to which it has gone Hollywood to establish a broader level of what we consider to be a perfect physique. Although he imagined that everything was the result of hours of training, the studies take him to the limit with a risky and difficult procedure for the actors (who must agree to undergo it) to achieve the desired appearance. And whereas before it could be difficult to find someone like Arnold Schwarzenegger, now it can be built with a lot of training and a little bit unexpected extra.

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Dehydration and how actors achieve the ideal figure