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Dua Lipa Updates: Dua Lipa, a famous Pop Star, is now venturing into acting alongside Henry Cavill, and other notable stars in the industry. Dua Lipa’s first movie as an actress will be Argyle, a spy thriller movie. This film will be directed by filmmaker Matthew Vaughn.

Apart from Henry Cavill and Dua lipa, Sam Rockwell, John Cena, Bryan Cranston, Samuel L. Jackson, Bryce Dalla Howard, and Catherine O’Hara are also signed on to this movie. Dua Lipa is a successful pop singer, with hits like “New Rules”, “Don’t Start Now”, “Break My Heart” and “Physical”.

This movie is based on a spy novel by Ellie Conway, which is yet to be released. Vaughn’s Marv Banner will be producing this film that follows Argyllle, the world’s greatest spy. Vaughn’s feathers in the cap include Kick-ass, X-Men: First Class, and The Kingsman movies. The shooting of the film will start in August in Europe.

Dua Lipa Acting Debut


Vaughn has a big plan for this movie. He will be directing the film based on the script written by Wonder Woman co-writer Jason Fuchs, along with Adam Bohling and David Reid. Vaughn is pretty confident about the Argyle project and he stated that this movie will reinvent the spy genre.

Marv CEO Kamasa said that they were delighted that they would be starting their fourth and by far the biggest, feature film production since the start of the global pandemic. This new venture is proof that they are demonstrating a big desire to scale up their production and their ambition to launch new franchises beyond the Kingsman series of films.

The film was originally set to release in November 2019, but to the Covid pandemic, the film was postponed multiple times.

Lipa won her Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 2019 and in 2021 she won Best Pop Vocal Album for her second album “Future Nostalgia”. The album was a phenomenal success during this pandemic.

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Dua Lipa To Start Her Acting Debut With Spy Thriller – nonenglishfeed