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Emilia Clarke Updates: Emilia Clarke has stated that her favorite film is a huge superhero blockbuster with a connection to her first comic book series, M.O.M. “Deadpool is my favorite movie!” Clarke says in an interview with SFX Magazine.

Maya, the protagonist of M.O.M., takes the metafictional technique of the Merc With the Mouth, continually breaking the fourth wall to converse with the audience. ” Deadpool is fantastic, and I desperately want to be Ryan Reynolds!” Clarke explains. “Fleabag, Game of Cards, and, did I mention it, Shakespeare all seem to be doing this.

Maya conversing with the individual who is actually reading the book is a great deal of fun; it allows me to exist outside of time, which I enjoy.”

Clarke expects M.O.M. to be a sarcastic satire on the abundance of superheroes in mainstream society over the previous decade, and he will appear in the forthcoming Secret Invasion television series.” That’s my normal nine to five,” she explains, “so I’ve seen how the blockbuster has become just about that.”

What Emilia Clarke Shared About the Movie?


“Back in the day, blockbusters were about heists and other wacky stuff, but now it’s all about superheroes and comic book universes.” It appears to be something that people desire, but the appeal of that genre is being boosted by these massive, record-breaking films. M.O.M. is about a single mother who manages to be a leading scientist and a superhero at the same time, and the comic compares the matriarchal capacity to balance an apparently limitless amount of jobs to possessing a superpower.

With main character Maya’s powers tied to her menstrual cycle, Clarke also hopes to shine a light on what is often a seldom-discussed topic.

“It’s a huge deal when it happens to a woman, but I also feel that men don’t know anything about it because we don’t know much about it either,” she says. “Because we aren’t permitted to discuss it, I’m aiming to educate women, girls, and boys about this phenomenon that affects the female body.”

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Emilia Clarke Says Deadpool is Her Favorite Movie – nonenglishfeed