Emilia Jones, the new British star who learned sign language for ‘CODA’

Sometimes it just takes one chance to change everything, and that’s why, when British Emilia Jones was asked to spend nine months learning sign language so she could star in a feature film for the first time, she didn’t think twice. At 17, Jones was already a veteran of the screen, a medium in which she dabbled when she was a child to never stop working, so she was very clear that the bet was worth it, even knowing that she would have to learn it all while filming the second season of the popular Netflix series Locke & Key, in which he has one of the main roles.

Is that the director of CODA was none other than Sian Heder, one of the screenwriters of Orange is the new black whose first movie, Tallulah, it had been carried out by Elliot Page when it was a girl, with excellent results. After showing at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, Tallulah It was acquired by Netflix, which uploaded it to its platform in July of that year.

Emilia Jones shared the cast with Oscar Matlee Matlin and Troy Kotsur, deaf-mute actors who played their parents

But what really interested Emilia were the risks, because if it went wrong, the consequence would be absolute embarrassment. In the film Emilia had to play the only daughter who can hear and hear of a deaf-mute marriage, roles that were to be played by actors who really have this disability, the Oscar winner Matlee Matlin and Troy Kotsur, a respected veteran of the theater circuit that this community has in the United States. The role of his older brother would also be played by a deaf-mute actor, Daniel Durant.

Poster for ‘CODA’, awarded at Sundance

But also the beautiful girl was going to have to sing not one but several songs, showing both the audience and the teachers who in fiction audition her to enter the prestigious Berklee music school that her Ruby Rossi has a talent exceptional. And as if all this were not enough, Emilia also had to learn to fish on the high seas, spending twelve hours days on a boat to pretend that she had dedicated herself to it all her life.

Who have seen CODA On Apple TV, they know that Jones achieved all of his goals and that he went even further. The film received four major awards at Sundance, including the audience award, and broke all-time records by selling to the powerful platform for $ 25 million. Although the premiere in theaters was very limited, since Apple TV chose to put its entire promotional budget on digital display, the work of the young actress, who is now 19 years old, has not gone unnoticed.

Many times to get a small role in a project, I had to go through eight auditions “

Emilia JonesEnglish actress

Magazine Variety He has included her in his annual list of the ten actors to watch out for, an honor that actresses such as Viola Davis, Dakota Johnson, Octavia Spencer, Kaitlyn Dever, Rachel Brosnahan, Ana de Armas, Tessa Thompson and Rebecca Ferguson have received in previous years. . She has also been hired by Susanna Fogel for her second lead role, Cat Person, in which he will work as equals with another rising actor, Nicolas Braun, the highest member of the cast of Sucession.

Meanwhile, he continues with his series, which is currently recording its third season as Netflix prepares to premiere the second on October 22. And while it is still early to know who will participate in the race for the Oscar, Jones’s work has all the elements to be taken into account.

Born in the heart of London, Emilia is the eldest daughter of Aled Jones, a Welsh singer who became even more famous when he went to work as a radio and television presenter, being a popular face with viewers who follow the programming of the BBC and ITV. At eight she had her first acting job, and by the time she was eleven she was filming episodes of Doctor Who while spending his nights in the West End, as part of the cast of the adaptation of Another twist by Henry James. By the time he got the part in Locke & Key As the only daughter of Nina Locke, she was already an acting veteran at just 16 years old, and had already shared the bill with Guy Pearce and Dakota Fanning in Brimstone, the preacher’s daughter.

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However, nothing compares to the moment you are going through today. In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, the multi-faceted young Englishwoman who according to Matlin is the one who best handles sign language without being deaf and dumb admitted: “I’ve spent my whole life going from one audition to the next. Many times to get a small role in a project, I had to go through eight auditions. But since CODA It premiered at Sundance, everything has changed, and now I can say that I am very, very lucky. ”

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Emilia Jones, the new British star who learned sign language for ‘CODA’