Emily Ratajkowski also accuses Robin Thicke of stalking

Emily assures that Robin will spare her & # xf3;  bare breasts (@robinthicke)

Emily assures that Robin rubbed her bare breasts (@robinthicke)

30-year-old model Emily Ratajkowski publicly points out singer Robin Thicke accusing him of sexual harassment. The unpleasant events that the model relates occurred in 2013, when she was starting her career.

For Emily, now consecrated in the world of fashion, being 21 years old and participating in a video clip with big names like Robin Thicke or Pharrell Williams was a dream. However, that summer became his worst nightmare after the experience that he still remembers today.

Now, eight years after that sexual harassment, Ratajkowski dares to tell it in public and has received the support of a direct witness to said harassment. The events occurred during the recording of the video clip “Blurred Lines” which, incidentally, wastes machismo from every pore.

In the video, the two singers appear constantly surrounded by three models, one of which is Emily, scantily clad and even topless as they objectify them by looking at them as if they were pieces of meat for their enjoyment.

During the recording of this piece, the episode took place in which Emily was without a bra due to the demands of the script and Robin Thicke approached from behind, without prior warning, and grabbed both her bare breasts without any consent from the young woman.

The model has literally explained that: “Suddenly, like out of nowhere, I felt the cold that comes from the surprise of the hands of a stranger squeezing my bare breasts from behind”Ratajkowski maintains that he walked away quickly and looked to see who was such a repulsive person, he found Robin drunk lost.

The singer, far from being ashamed: “He smiled in a sly way and staggered without standing up, with his eyes hidden behind his sunglasses,” explains Emily in this preview of her book “My Body” that will go on sale in November and collected by The Rolling Stone magazine.

After witnessing the grotesque stalking scene, the director of the video clip, Diane Martel, asked the model how she was doing and started yelling at Thicke. Emily only hit on: “I made a small gesture with my chin and shrugged, avoiding eye contact as I felt the humiliation wash over me. I didn’t react, really, not at least as it should.”

After Emily’s step forward, Diane confirms her version in ‘Sunday Times’: “Yes, I remember the moment when he grabbed her breasts, one in each hand and he was behind her. In the most aggressive voice I could get out of Brooklyn I yelled at him, ‘What the hell are you doing ?! Shooting is over! ‘”He explains.

Ratajkowski is not the first woman who has accused Robin Thicke of inappropriate behavior and it is that his ex-wife and mother of his son, Paula Patton, has already denounced him for domestic violence, child abuse and has made public his addiction to drugs and alcohol. alcohol that Robin ended up admitting.

Patton also requested a restraining order against her, her son and her mother, alleging, according to her lawyer, that: “Paula has a reasonable apprehension that her ex-husband may inflict some physical injury on her and her son.”

The actress has claimed to have been a victim at the hands of Thicke of physical and emotional abuse, infidelity and addiction to cocaine. In one of the episodes that she recounted before the judge, which occurred in 2013, Robin was enraged because she opened the door while they were giving the singer a massage and: “Robin was so enraged that I had interrupted his massage that he broke down the locked door, became physically violent with me. He pushed me and kicked me “, he recounted.

Listening to these testimonies, things get ugly for Thicke and, if the versions of the model and the actress are true, this man leaves much to be desired as a person.

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Emily Ratajkowski also accuses Robin Thicke of stalking