“Eternals”: the new preview introduces the first LGTBQI + family of the Marvel universe

The new advance of “Eternals” presented to the first LGTBQI + family of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe, for its acronym in English), that is, as the set of connected films and series is known.

This is the highlight of the teaser, when we see the hero Phastos (interpreted by Brian Tyree Henry), one of the members of the Clan of the Eternals, along with her husband (Haaz Sleiman) and their son Jack.

And it is precisely this value of diversity that is one of the most important in the studio’s next film, directed by the Oscar winner for “Nomadland”, Chloe Zhao. This is the story of a group of elite warriors who look out for the good of humanity, and who find themselves in the task of intervening for the first time after remaining vigilant without being seen for years, to face creatures called Deviants.

However, not alongside this story, a plot of love and friendship will develop starring a cast in which differences prevail and that will focus on different identities. We will see that among the 10 characters, there is African American, Asian, Irish, Latino, Deaf culture, even a girlish one that will make your maturity clear, and more.

Marvel Studios began to take turns little by little – some of them that were late and others that should stand out even more – towards the inclusion of characters that represent more diverse realities, that disarm the hegemonic model of the hero and the sexualization of the heroine.

Soon we will meet the Eternals

Some examples of this are the multi-nominated and Oscar winner, “Black Panther” (the first of its kind to be a candidate for the Best Picture statuette), “Captain Marvel”, the testimony of Loki (played by Tom Hiddleston) on his bisexuality, the treatment of the exploitation of women in “Black Widow”, “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” introducing ourselves to the first Captain america black (Anthony Mackie), and the recent “Shang-Chi: and the legend of the 10 rings” with value in Asian culture. The possibility that the character of Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) was overtly bisexual like she is in the comics, something the actress slipped in that we could see in the fourth god of thunder movie, “Thor: Love and Thunder”.

Other details of the preview and its premiere

Like we said, Little Jack’s moment in the trailer is the most relevant. Since it also throws a subtle wink at superman when he expresses his admiration for Ikaris (Richard Madden): “I saw him on TV in a cape, shooting lasers.” To which the celestial responds with a hint of offense: “I’m not wearing a cape.”

Ikaris (Richard Madden) in the new trailer for “Eternals”

They shine in the lead alongside Brian Tyree Henry and Richard Madden: Salma Hayek (Oscar-nominated for “Frida”) as Invite, Angelina Jolie (which comes from “Those who wish my death” and “Maleficent mistress of evil”) as the allegations, Gemma Chan (“Raya and the last dragon”, “Crazy millionaires”) as Sersi, Kumail Nanjiani (“That’s why they call it love”) as Kingo, Lia McHugh (“The sinister cabin”) as Sprite, Lauren Ridloff (Sound of Metal) como Makkari, Barry Keoghan (“The Sacred Stag Sacrifice”) as Druig, Don Lee (“The Neighbor”) as Gilgamesh.

The November 5th, in an outstanding year of Marvel productions, which will later bring the series “Hawkeye” on Disney Plus (November 24) and later the long-awaited third part “Spider-Man: No Way Home”, on December 17.

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“Eternals”: the new preview introduces the first LGTBQI + family of the Marvel universe