Eugenio Derbez is considered for the Oscars 2022 by US media

CODA: Eugenio Derbez is considered for the Oscars 2022 by US media

Since 2020 the world has given all kinds of signs that it is going to end. The most obvious to all is the pandemic. The lifestyle of ordinary people around the world changed forever. Industries also had to adapt to the new reality. In many ways the world that existed before that year has already died.

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The thing is, we recently received another sign that the world could be nearing its end. Which? they will wonder. The Hollywood Reporter gave his very traditional list of predictions about the next installment of the Oscars. For all the people of Latin America there was a huge surprise in that list written by the critic Scott Feinberg: Eugenio Derbez .

That’s how it is. The Mexican actor comes as one of his favorites for the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in 2022 for his performance in CODA: Signs of the heart (93%). Here is his complete list of favorites in that category:

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Jamie Dornan (Belfast)

Ciarán Hinds (Belfast)

Jon Bernthal (King Richard (90%))

Kodi Smit-McPhee (The Power of the Dog (100%))

Eugenio Derbez (CODA)

Actually, both the film and its performance have been well received by American critics, so it does have a good chance. In addition, it must be taken into account that these predictions were made in consultation with experts on the subject as well as anonymous voters. In general, they are usually successful.

It must be remembered that this film focuses on a girl who wants to be a singer, but who has the problem of having grown up in a culturally deaf home since her parents are deaf. On the tape, Eugenio Derbez he plays Bernando Villalobos, the music teacher of the protagonist, Ruby, which prompts her to continue singing. In a recent conversation he had with The San Diego Union-Tribune, the actor revealed that he feels that the film has helped him break down the stereotypes around Mexicans:

I’m glad they are giving me the opportunity to break stereotypes. I complained that when (the directors) called me because I am Latino, they always offered me the roles of gardener, drug dealer or criminal. Now that I can play a music teacher, I feel like I am breaking stereotypes and that will be of great help to the Latino community.

In fact, not long ago, he was also able to attend Jimmy Fallon’s late night variety show. There he complained about the fact that in the cultural imagination of many people he is a comedian and, for the same reason, in his day-to-day life he has had bad experiences that show that people are not willing to take him seriously. An example of this is the following anecdote that occurred in Mexico City:

I was in Mexico City in a parking lot waiting for my car. The valet parking attendant brought my car and I saw a new scratch, it was like ‘This is a new scratch’ and he started laughing. I said ‘Bro, I mean it. This is new, who is going to pay for this? ‘ and he began to laugh more. He thought I was doing an act.

In that same interview, he acknowledged that, although abroad they have received him with open arms, as we said above, it is usually to interpret stereotypes of what a Mexican is or comic roles. He feels that in Coda’s case it helped him a lot that the director was not familiar with either him or his tacky work. Without that opportunity, today we would not be talking about the actor having his first great opportunity to win an Oscar, something that many would never have imagined.

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Eugenio Derbez is considered for the Oscars 2022 by US media